PSN sign-in advised before not working

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2014

The PlayStation Network will go down today for online gameplay and this wasn’t made clear when Sony offered details on their planned maintenance. You can see the scheduled times here, although it’s highly recommended that you sign-in to PSN before you discover the login not working later today.

Sony didn’t list match-matching and multiplayer, as one of the services being taken offline today. They did hint at the fact that you would need to sign-in to PSN before it goes down, and this would allow online gameplay to continue with PS4 and PS3 systems.

The exact statement mentions those that have “recently signed” in, so normally this would be within the last 24 hours. If you’ve done that, then you shouldn’t have any sign-in problems with PSN during the 7 hours downtime.


It’s not clear why this is, but we’re guessing it’s something to do with authentication checks being tied to the servers that will be taken offline today. It’s not always that simple, and we’ve heard from others signing in before maintenance begins and still not being able to play their PlayStation games online.

Have you signed in to PSN within the last 24 hours and if so, let us know if you run into problems once maintenance starts today?

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  • Adzwasere

    Pants, no destiny for me!

  • DCsolidus

    i was signed in at about 9am 1 hour before the psn maintenance and tried destiny wouldnt let me on even though most of my friends that have it were playing just fine and still are….

  • Jess

    Yep, I’ve signed in so hopefully no problems on my PS4 later.