PSN maintenance today, times for UK and USA

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2014

PSN maintenance is taking place today, October 13th, and we wanted to remind our readers about the start times in UK and USA. The PlayStation Network status will change to offline at 6PM BST today, and services will stay down until 1AM tomorrow. Those of you in New York, USA, should be aware this translates to a downtime running between 11PM today until 6AM on October 14th.

There’s still a chance the PSN will still be down if they run into problems, although hopefully this won’t be the case. During the planned PSN maintenance today, we’ve been told that access to the Store, Home, and the Entertainment Network Store won’t be possible. There’s no mention about playing others online being taken down, but we believe this will also run into problems unless you sign-in before the start time.


Sony explain the downtime is for “essential maintenance”, so there’s a good chance this is for PS4 update 2.0. This firmware is a major update bringing many new features, and of course it’s the first major update since the new consoles launch.

Remember to sign-in on your PS4 and PS3 before the maintenance starts, as this will apparently stop problems later today when you try to play online after PSN goes down. If you run into any other problems or the maintenance starts early, then let us know in the comments?

Some of our readers might have seen error codes like E-820001F7 and CE-33945-4 over the weekend, which happened after some unplanned maintenance messages arrived.

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  • Arron

    I cant get on as my account isnt activated as premium as i cant play fifa lol

  • Denise

    I’m in Canada and I was able to go to the PS3 store around 1pm,today…but now I cannot go to the PSN store on these systems(PS3,PS4,PS Vita).I do not know when the maintenance should start in Canada and when it will be done. I read above that for US it will start today at 11PM??…is it the same for Canada?

  • Kevin

    Does anyone want to buy my ps4? Never ever had this problem with Xbox.

    • Josh101

      Over 11 million sold says YES, yes they do. As it’s said in the article, all you have to do is login and you can play multiplayer. It’s always been like that. Also, XboxLive has server maintainance like everyone.