PS4 E8200013A error for PSN, not Destiny down

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2014

Some people are thinking Destiny servers are not available today and blame Bungie, although this is incorrect and related to the same reason PS4 owners receive the E8200013A error code right now. As we mentioned earlier today, the PSN servers will be down today and this planned October 13th maintenance has been known for a few days.

This won’t mean everyone knows about it, and this is why some gamers think Destiny servers going down means it’s Bungie’s responsibility. If you didn’t sign-in recently, then the chances are you cannot play games online now and will be receiving a number of errors codes including E8200013A on PS4.

Another error code some people will receive when visiting the store is E-820001F7, although the checks we’ve performed in the last hour reveal the E8200013A code when trying to access the PlayStation Store on PS4.


Did the PSN maintenance surprise you today and if so, did you also think Destiny server problems were due to Bungie not PSN? It is clear some gamers are confused, as with this comment “Things that didn’t surprise me today, the Destiny servers are down”.

Some people even want the Iron Banner event extended by one day, “I want to know if Bungie will give Iron Banner an extra day since PSN is down for 7 hours”. Share your comments below.

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  • Dark Kent

    I wanna know why updates will not install for GT6…

  • eAbyss

    Wow. Never have these problems with Xbox Live. PSN has more downtime in one year than XBL has had since first coming online.

    • Kimar31

      real talk

  • Chrizzy

    it says way more than that on my destiny log in screen

  • Smith

    I my self and a few other friends have had great success signing out of psn and then back in. No issue after that. Worth a shot!

  • Benji

    The problem is destiny but not they fault playstation cant handle the demand off players inviting each other to partys and games they thought they could handle the demand but soon u press the psn button stiff lags friends requests and people in and out partys have show playstation that they having problems handling the hype,, destiny works fine on my xbox and on the 360 only psn cant conect to the destiny servers because psn cant keep up

    • House

      You’re an idiot.

    • Jose Antonio Rodriguez

      Ever heard of periods? At least type proper english idiot. Not only that, you are talking bs.

  • hunterlyell88

    Snap anthony

  • Anthony

    Mines saying ‘you have lost connection with destiny servers. Your permissions to access online multiplayer gameplay may have changed or your profile may have signed in elsewhere’ .. Like dafuq

    • Luke

      I had the same message show up. I checked and it was because I ran out of ps+ maybe that’s your problem too?

  • Chris

    i just played fifa online.. and i tried cod. both are working perfect. its only destiny not working here.

    • bud green

      Exactly, I’m sick and tired of Bungie refusing to take the blame AGAIN and again. This is so much worse than the issues BF4 had and the press hammered them for it. Not so much with Destiny though. They like to blame it on our internet connection which is more than likely NOT the problem, the problem is on their side of the river. I have a hard wired connection btw and still have these issues. Destiny is the only game with connection issues.

  • Mike

    Yes extend ironbanner with 1 day!

  • nos804

    This article is incorrect. Yes, there is a PSN maintenance today, but if you logged in prior, you have full access to online game features. It is an issue on bungies side, not PSN’s. Many are even claiming the issue on xBox as well.

    • eAbyss

      You must not have read the article.

      “If you didn’t sign-in recently, then the chances are you cannot play games online now and will be receiving a number of errors codes including E8200013A on PS4.”

  • Tsuna

    Hey is anyone else’s games locked? Like having the little lock icon and can play at all? Is this because of the maintenance?

    • AlecJ

      No, that means you dont have access to the Playstation Plus parts of Destiny. Usually because of a sign in issue with Sony. Try closing the Destiny app on your Playstation completely or restarting your console and signing in again. That usually works for me. There is maintenance going on today at Sony so it may be problematic for a while.

      • Tsuna

        i did and restarted a few times. but its not just destiny. theres a lock on like all my stuff like destiny, minecraft, ghosts and every other downloadable game i have. cant use the news feature or even when i click on the library app of course it says its doing maintenance.

    • Porty

      i got it too

      • Porty

        Almost every game has a lock symbol underneath, tried turning off and on again… didn’t work, haven’t seen many other people talking about this

  • Craig

    Anyone know what time it’s coming back on?

    • anonymous

      8 pm eastern time

  • Bill

    I get the E8200013A error when trying the ps store on my PS4.

  • Darren

    Thanks, I thought it was Destiny problems once again, but at least I know it’s PSN now. Still not happy, 7 hours is a long time.

  • Mike

    Why is it we can’t play a hard copy game offline when PSN down?

    • eAbyss

      I don’t know, you can on Xbox.