GTA V 1.18 update for Halloween excitement

It’s that time once again where GTA Online players are expecting Rockstar to go live with a new GTA V update, in this case the highly anticipated GTA V 1.18 patch. We have a feeling that Rockstar will keep gamers waiting though, in preparation for a special GTA V Halloween update that almost feels inevitable.

In our minds, a Halloween update for GTA Online is almost a certainty. After all, how can Rockstar celebrate the likes of Independence Day, National Aviation Day and then completely ignore Halloween after so much demand from the community? – It just won’t happen.

We may or may not get the GTA V zombie DLC that gamers crave so much, but either way we think we’ll be seeing some spooky content in time for October 31 nevertheless.


Usually we would expect new GTA V updates to land on a Tuesday, but as we saw with GTA V 1.17 it arrived on a Thursday meaning that the surprise element is once again back in Rockstar’s court as they can launch a new patch at any given moment.

Halloween would also appear to be an easy option for Rockstar and you would think, an update that doesn’t actually require much effort on the developer’s part.

New Halloween themed weapons such as chainsaws or machetes are very easy to put into the game, as would be some simple Halloween outfits involving pumpkins, hockey masks and zombie lumberjack skins for example.

One video which we have picked out goes into detail on this, calling on Rockstar to deliver the GTA V 1.18 update with a ‘Nightmare on Grove Street’ theme, which we think would be fantastic to see.

A Halloween update for the game is definitely coming, we can sense it. How would you like Rockstar to implement it though? Give us your best ideas and we will try to pass it on.



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