Best Minecraft PS Vita seeds before release

We now know that Sony and 4J Studios have finally confirmed a solid release date for Minecraft PS Vita in US and Europe. For those that are about to play Minecraft for the first time when it launches on Vita, we have a preview of some of the best Minecraft PS Vita seeds that will work for you upon release.

Seeds are community driven locations that have been custom made by users and are a massive part of what keeps Minecraft fresh and entertaining. The great thing about seeds or Minecraft village seeds, is that they will work regardless of what platform you are playing on.

With this in mind, we can bring you an excellent video which showcases five of the best Minecraft seeds that are available to use at the moment.


They were created for use on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but due to the small nature in size compared to other massive seeds – these smaller builds are also perfect for the PS Vita version.

Once you have your PS Vita version ready, simply follow the coordinates to locate the custom seeds and you’ll be able to find new areas with lots of luxurious goodies and plenty of chests to open.

Do you already have a list of good Minecraft seeds that you plan to save for the PS Vita version? Feel free to list them below if you have a seed to share.



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