Pokemon ORAS Latios, Latias Mega Evolution leaked

We are slowly moving towards the exciting Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire release date this November. In the meantime, we are continuing to see some leaks which are coming out of Japan and the latest one is well worth your attention.

As most hardcore Pokemon fans will know, the unveil of Mega Latios and Mega Latias was leaked in Pokemon X and Y through those who had been playing the game with cheat codes.

Now though, it looks like Game Freak are finally ready to unveil the two Mega evolutions in an official capacity, as we’ve seen official images of the two appear in Japan.


We can once again thank Japanese publication Coro Coro for the scoop, as some scans shown here from the latest issue reveals that Mega Latios is going to be exclusive to Omega Ruby, while Mega Latias will be saved for those pick up Alpha Sapphire instead.

There hasn’t been a formal announcement of this yet, but now that the Mega evolutions have appeared in an official magazine, it shouldn’t be too long until we see a press release from Nintendo confirming the news.

The question is, which Mega evolution would you like to own more – Latios or Latias? Enjoy these images here and let us know what you think.



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