PSN Store down with E-820001F7 maintenance

- Oct 11, 2014

The PSN Store is down right now with error E-820001F7, which comes with a message stating the service is currently undergoing maintenance. From what we can tell, this wasn’t planned maintenance and Sony’s PSN is down today on PS4 thanks to other problems.

We have included the screenshot below that one of the Product Reviews team captured while reviewing Driveclub. They tried to connect to the PlayStation Store on PS4 and received the status update below.


One of our readers had this to say, “is PSN down? I can’t log in, but on the app I see people online”. Another asked, “can you confirm that psn is down please because I’m having connectivity issues”.

It doesn’t look like the PSN sign-in is involved and from what we can tell, the PSN store is the only service not working today. If you have had other problems during this “maintenance” and seen codes other than E-820001F7, then leave a comment below.

There’s also PSN maintenance planned for October 13, 2014, which will take down all services for around 7 hours.

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  • sonia

    me to when is it on again

  • Adrian

    I have the E-820001FT PROBLEM! When they will fix it????!!!

  • DCsolidus

    it wont let me restore licences now… pay money for those games as well as have a 2 year plus membership way to treat a loyal sony fan….

  • mac098

    I can’t even access my games cuz I don’t have any licenses for them. I have downloaded all my games and haven’t gameshared one or from anyone. Anyone else getting this issue?

  • Finally PSN

    Hi guys,
    Iv also suffered the problems most of you are having over the last 4ish hours, just tried again on destiny seems it is back online can access all multiplayer functions again.

    Oh and if you were wondering how to check the remaining time on your PS PLUS subscription go to any game you have downloaded for free due to you being a PLUS Member hit the option button and then select information it will tell you how many days your subscription has left!!!

  • oviscorner


  • khalid507

    still ?

  • Lankie

    i have 1 year subscription and when i tried to play on destiny today to play multiplayer, it doesnt allow me because it says it requires ps plus membership. oh and yeah i only got the one year subscription when destiny came out.

  • Liam

    How can I check on PSN if I have a subscription or how long I have left till it runs out? Because (I think) I just bought 1 month off the store because money has gone out of my bank but I’m not sure if it fully went on my PSN account due to all this shxt

  • Praveen Troublesome

    But how are some of the people not having any probs and playing multiplayer???

  • Rads kowalski

    Same i can see friends on list but i can’t play !!!!

  • Angelo

    A new code popped up for me “np-36147-1”

  • Mum

    Just brought a Movie can’t watch it ! 🙁

  • Vaetrix

    * palm face* What sort of Image are they trying to make for themselves…Has Playstation even formally acknowledge there is an issue with their services yet?.. An ETA …anything?? Or are we all to just sit and wait it out till obediently till they get their booty in gear?

  • James

    is it back on

  • Mylo

    I can see friends online but don’t have access to online play. Can’t even play final fantasy. I have access to twitch and voice chat because I joined my friends chat and was like wtf!

  • Praveen Troublesome

    Anyone know when will it be fixed? :/

    • Alex

      I have a feeling it’s going to be under maintenance for a while, maybe through to the scheduled maintenance

      • Praveen Troublesome

        U mean till Monday??

        OMG! Then i cant play multiplayer till Monday?

        • Alex

          I found a way to make destiny work I just keep hitting x on crucible and it works now but still can go on psn store


    I’m in Cremona(ITALY) 2:14 PM
    I can’t play Cod ghost online because there is a message “You need PlayStation plus to play online”. This message started this morning at 11:30 am(=3 hours ago). Also PlayStation Store does not work.

  • Yoyo

    Lol, we all just wanna play Destiny.

    • Alex

      Hahaha it’s an addictive game

  • unknown

    Detiny is not working… sort your S**t out! 40 pound a year for this… what aload of bollox