iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim Armor CS coming soon

By Peter Chubb - Oct 11, 2014

Protecting your iPhone 6 is so important, not only because it is thinner and more fragile than previous models, but also the fact you have spent a small fortune and would hate to damage it in any way. We have already covered a number of cases for protection, such as ones for sale now or coming soon, as this latest case falls into the latter category.

The iPhone 6 Slim Armor CS case is down as coming soon, although Spigen does not state how long we will have to wait. We do hope it isn’t long, although we are still waiting for the Lifeproof iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases to be released.

iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim Armor CS

The Slim Armor CS case for the iPhone 6 (also available for Plus) is made with Air Cushion Technology, meaning that it will protect against extreme impact. Other cases like this either look too bulky or cheap, but the Slim Armor CS is none of these, which you can clearly see from the two images above and below.

Added convenience – There is a rather neat storage compartment, ideal for a couple of debit, credit cards or cash. There is a sliding cover that hides the compartment, so it looks as though it is just a normal back cover.

More details for this case can be found on the Spigen website, but we can tell you it will come in a choice of four colors, Gunmetal, Shimmery White, Mint and Champagne Gold.

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