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iOS 8.1 update to kill change date problem

Apple is all set to remove a much-loved loophole when they release iOS 8.1. The loophole in question is the one gamers and other iOS users have enjoyed for years by taking the date back in order for certain apps to work. This stance by Apple is to get questionable apps off Safari, as we know Apple much prefers to have certified apps in its App Store rather from other sources.

Many of us have used the old date trick before, with many of our users doing so in order to get Cartoon HD to work once it was made unavailable. Once Apple makes this change in iOS 8.1, it will mean you will no longer be able to use unapproved emulators for old school games, and other such apps.

iOS 8.1 update to kill date loophole

Some iOS users still enjoy playing classic games such as Pokémon, Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter, which are not on the App Store, but they are able to install the apps thanks to the loophole where you just had to change the date of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

While the change has not been implemented yet, the signs are there because it has been seen in iOS 8.1 beta 2, which was made available to devs last week.

Once this change has been made, it will surely force more people to jailbreak in order to gain access to such apps, although you then run the risk of creating problems for your iOS device.

How do you feel about Apple finally putting an end to the change-the-date loophole in iOS?



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