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eBay app new Android update Vs old look

eBay updated its Android app a month ago today and the fresh new look of v2.7 is still a cause for concern for some users, as the jury is still out overs its redesign. When it was released, we were told to expect faster, improved searching, the ability to keep on top of your buying and selling thanks to in-app notifications. That was not all, there are now bonus offers for eBay sellers and a facility to donate items to charity when selling.

For all those improvements, and fresh new look, it seems that some people preferred the old look, so where do you stand? A friend told us that there is now no find similar feature since the update, and if you try to update your basket or saved items, you can only do all of this at one time, and when you do you are taken right to the top of the page, which is time consuming.

eBay app new Android update

With people using the eBay app more and more, it does seem strange for them to take certain features away, especially now it is so much harder to find things. Take for instance if you sell an item, you cannot see if the buyer has paid for said item, which the previous version showed you this important information.

The most worrying aspect of this update is how some people are now missing out on last minute bidding to grab the item they want. We recently learned that if you try to bid on an item that has around 5 minutes left before the auction ends, it takes too long for anything load, meaning you could miss out on grabbing that item.

However, the new look eBay app for Android is much slower as a whole for many users, and this means it will lake more data, meaning you could run a bill up on your plan because of going over your data limit.

Do you prefer the new or old eBay app for Android?



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