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Project Spark price at Tesco beats GAME

There will be some of you who will wonder why look at the Project Spark price, when this creation game is free to download, and that is a good point. If you were to purchase this game from Tesco or GAME in the UK in physical form for the Xbox One, this boxed copy will also come with a host of downloadable characters, games, themes, and other content all of which are included in the price and works out far cheaper then if you added them on later.

Since its beta launch players have created 70,000 levels, and so if you get the Project Spark today you will not be short of a level or two to keep you occupied. If you are looking for a game that brings the fun of LittleBigPlanet and addictiveness of Minecraft, then some gaming websites would have you believe that Project Spark is it – a very big claim indeed.

Project Spark price at Tesco

If you are considering buying the game, then the Project Spark price at Tesco is £28, which is such good value when you get so much content included. The supermarket does not offer any details about the game, so they just want to take your money with no advice whatsoever.

GAME is a little different, as they offer a few details about the game that will hopefully persuade you to part with your money. However, the Project Spark price at GAME is £29.99, which is £2 more expensive, so if you wish to learn more, then go to the official Project Spark website and get the latest news in regard to the game.



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