Popcorn Time on iOS 8.0.2 iPhone, iPad without jailbreak

- Oct 10, 2014

If you are following the release of Popcorn Time on iPhone and iPad, then you will know by now this app needs a jailbreak officially. We heard at the start of October that a release date was imminent, and then the developers were waiting for a certificate to allow Popcorn Time to be installed without a jailbreak. This never happened, which led to a lot of people not wanting to download Popcorn Time thanks to a jailbreak being needed.

We have since found a video on YouTube detailing how to install Popcorn Time on an iPhone 5S, or the models like iPhone 6 Plus, and iPads without the need to jailbreak. You can see the said video below this article revealing exactly how to install the app, and again this will be favored by many that hate the idea of a jailbreak.


The video author explains you can only install Popcorn Time on devices running up to iOS 8.0.2, although from iOS 8 only as well. It’s worth noting at the time of writing, there is no iOS 8.0.3 update and iOS 8.1 is in beta right now.

Would you install the Popcorn Time app for free movie streaming on your iPhone or iPad? If not, would this be due to you backing the moral reasons and wanting to pay for movies/TV shows. We’ll leave our readers to debate why Time for Popcorn gets a lot of coverage on sites like Tech Crunch, and of course how comes the powers that be haven’t stopped the app yet like they did with Cartoon HD.

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  • Guest

    How do you chance the site needed since the .eu domain has been removed?

  • Guy

    I tried to change the date in iOS 8.0.2, this isn’t working anymore. Well, I installed the app fine but when I load it I see a waiting screen. Tried to load over 3G, but that;s not working in the UK.

  • Rob

    If you load the Popcorn Time app and get stuck on the loading screen with the logo, you just need to go to mobile data only and turn wifi off. The load the app and it will load without any problems, after you done that just turn wifi back on.

    • yen

      still not working..stuck at popcorn logo…cant enter to menu popcorn time..can help me with that..?what step i must follow..