NBA 2K15 app login not working

By Alan Ng - Oct 10, 2014

While we told you about the anxious wait for the MyNBA2K15 iPhone app release date earlier this week, now we switch our attention to the NBA 2K15 Android app which is already live.

However, we are having problems with the app frequently we’re afraid to say. The app offers a great way to accumulate some extra VC on a daily basis and then transfer that back into your console version of choice.

It’s not ideal though when the NBA 2K15 app sign-in is not working at all. We’ve actually had a lot of problems with the MyNBA2K15 login to the point of giving up and just waiting for an update from 2K on the situation.

To give you an idea of what we are experiencing, you just need to check through some of the feedback so far on the Google Play listing for the app.


In simple terms, they echo what we are saying in that there appears to be a serious problem with the stability of the NBA 2K15 app sign-in. Hopefully it’s an issue that 2K are currently working on as we speak and we hope to bring you an update on this if we hear back from 2K.

It may also be the reason why the iPhone version is not out yet, with 2K realizing that they first need to fix the Android problems first before launching on iPhone.

What is your status at the moment – have you been having problems trying to use the NBA 2K15 companion app over the last 24 hours?

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  • Akatsuki Ousawa

    This may be an old topic but im having the same issue linking my xbox one to the app again. Normally it auto signs in but today it didn’t, then when i tried to sign in it failed. FIX THIS PLEASE! I

  • grey

    this is a bunch of crap! still doesn’t work for me with the log in via psn and i don’t have a fb account. living in 2015 it should be manageable to handle such issues.

  • mike

    My problem is I log in on my phone and cousin did to with his fb page now it has my info but going to his dude not mind

  • TheBoxx

    Also I haven’t been able to access the nba2k15 app I need my free VC !!!! 30/11

  • TheBoxx

    Iam at the Spurs and when I enter cutscenes it swaps between Gerald Wallace and Al horford neither of which are at the team is that because they have no member of the team with RealVoice ??? So annoying