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Facebook app gains October Android update

The last few Facebook Android updates have yet to provide anything substantial in the way of impressive new features, and if you were under the impression that the October 9th Facebook app update would bring anything new to the Android party, then guess again. It’s a real shame because users are crying out for a worthy upgrade, and yet all they get are improvements for reliability and speed.

Receiving an update is better than none at all, and we are hearing the UI has received a bit of a refresh, although there have been a few issues, and some of our readers have said what features they would like to see with the next Facebook Android app update.

Facebook app Android update

There is still a lot of room for improvement, features like unfriend a person, remove or edit a comment are needed. This is what one reader said, which we find strange, as we know the iPhone version already has these options, so surely Android does to?

We can confirm that some users are having connection issues since the update, as update news feed is not working for some people, and you get around this problem they have to turn Wi-Fi off and on again. Some Samsung Tab owners say ever since the update the Facebook app crashes when trying to open, even after deleting the app and reinstalling it.

This app update certainly has mixed results for Android users, but the majority of them have no issues, and are happy to receive an update.



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