Driveclub PS Plus release date wait, or purchase now

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2014

The Driveclub PS Plus release date wait is too much for certain PS4 gamers and some have even gone out to purchase the full game due to this delay. This might be for the most die-hard racing fans, but after looking at upgrade prices they didn’t think it was such a bad idea.

As we mentioned earlier today, the Driveclub PS Plus Edition had a release of October 10th in the UK and slightly earlier in the United States. Sadly, North America has seen the PS Plus Edition delayed and it looks like the same will happen for those of you in the UK as well.

Driveclub PS Plus release date wait

Driveclub PS Plus Edition wait, or purchase full game now – One Product Reviews reader had this to say after seeing the full game upgrade price earlier today, “I have decided to buy the full Driveclub game outright rather than wait for the PlayStation Plus Edition. I picked my copy up in Tesco for £46 and this compares to paying £35 for a digital upgrade on the PlayStation Store, even though I’m a PS Plus member I don’t think this was a bad deal for me considering it’s cost me only just £11 more for the full retail boxed game”.

This highlights a few things, including such a poor deal PS Plus members are getting with the so-called special free edition. Also, we see that some people will just go out and purchase the game rather than wait for it to come free within their PS Plus membership, although that was more like a demo and certainly not the full game.

Are you waiting for the Driveclub PS Plus Edition to go live on the PS Store, or did you just go out and buy the full game right away?

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  • BobbyO

    How insanely comical ! This game is is getting reviews of 4s 5s and 6s. No weather…no customization…stupid AI…stupid freedom…servers down…no free version. What a frickin joke ps4 is. Forza horizon 2 on xbox one is the best racing experience ever made….I have near 100 hours in it and only want more. I am laughing all the way to gamestop to preorder my next beauties…sunset overdrive and halo in all its 1080p 60fps glory while you fools sit miserably in these forums. Ps4 may be the biggest joke of all time and 10 million idiots fell for it !!! Lololololololololololololo

    • Josh101

      All six of your comments are copy and pasted with the same exact text that is in this comment. You are an obvious fanboy schill. Pathetic.

      • You are flat out wrong

        He’s Flopzafailever. Classic behaviour.

  • Josh101

    The game is awesome. I bought it on launch day. But now that I’ve had it since Tuesday and last night when I played I still couldn’t get online. I’m a bit pissed off. Yeah, I can play offline just fine and there are PLENTY of races for me to spend time on. But it completely takes the social aspect of the game out of the equation, which was supposedly, the reason why the game was delayed. I’m pissed I bought it on launch day and wish I would have waited. It’s pure crap.