Driveclub PS Plus not available for purchase in UK

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2014

If you are wondering about the Driveclub PS Plus edition release time in the UK today, then you might be meeting a few error messages after searching the PlayStation Store. Once you track down the correct page, you’ll see Driveclub is not available for purchase even when you are a PS Plus subscriber.

Once you click the download link, the message delivered states “You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s): You already own PlayStation Plus”. It’s strange why we get this message, although no doubt has something to do with Driveclub being free on PS Plus and currently not available for download.


It’s currently unclear if the free Driveclub PS Plus Edition will be live for download in the UK today, or even what the release time will be if it’s coming. You can go out and purchase the game in UK shops like Asda and Sainsbury’s, but there’s a good chance online server problems will continue that started in the USA.

Have you seen the above message when trying to download Driveclub PS Plus Edition today? It should be noted that Sony has listed the Driveclub full game upgrade, even before offering the free version.

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  • Jake

    How is it that hard to figure out? The reason why the error message reads “you already have playstation plus” is because they offer a $50 dollar digital version for ps plus subscribers. The reason for the free version being unavailable is due to the “network issues” driveclub is currently facing, no one currently knows when that will be made available

  • Kevin

    Maybe, just maybe they are wanting us to get pissed of with waiting and go out and buy it 🙁

    • just_me

      haha, yeah that’s a good one. Even me I was expected these days to come out, I don’t want to but the full game, until I will check how the game is

      • Josh101

        After this, I will no longer buy any game with a online feature on release week. Single-player games, sure. But not any online-centric game.