BBC iPlayer down and currently unavailable

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2014

Another day, and BBC iPlayer is down once again with the regular message stating it’s currently unavailable. Users of the free UK service often complain about the BBC iPlayer app not working, which ranges from problems on Smart TVs to iOS and Android apps.

The error message changes depending on the device you are using, so this would be “something went wrong displaying the programmes. This is usually a temporary problem. Please try a different section” on a Samsung Smart TV.

You will find a shorter message on tablet and phone apps. The iPhone 6 Plus displays a message in BBC iPlayer right now, which states “This information is currently unavailable”, and then you are given the option to retry to connect for video streaming.


Is the BBC iPlayer down for you today and if so, are you seeing the service not working often? We checked moments ago and took a screenshot from a Samsung Smart TV, on October 10th, which you can see on this page above.

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  • Daia

    I have been getting he message “this information is currently unavailable” for som time now on the IPad.

  • Alex

    I had high hopes for BBC iPlayer, but it is down today once again. Come on fix this problem, you take the TV licence money quick enough.