Xbox One Themes update before PS4 likelihood

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2014

We see a pattern emerging here. Weeks after Sony confirmed that PS4 themes would be coming to the console soon, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has just officially confirmed that Xbox One Themes are on the way as well, along with Xbox One screenshot support – at last!

The pattern not only being Themes now announced for PS4 and Xbox One, but the fact that this follows similar announcements with regards to 3D Blu-Ray support which is now available on both consoles after a long wait.

Phil Spencer made the announcement when speaking in a recent podcast. Xbox One Themes are already thought to be development, but Xbox One screenshot taking is a feature that the team are ‘going to deliver on’ according to the Microsoft boss.


The big question obviously is when Microsoft plan to deploy these new features for Xbox One. It was amusing to see Microsoft announce 3D Blu-Ray support before Sony, only for Sony to get their act together and eventually launch the feature before Xbox.

Will the opposite happen this time with Microsoft able to deliver Themes on Xbox One before PS4? Sony has already hinted that Themes will not be available with the next PS4 2.0 update – despite the fact that they are already live on PS Vita.

Either way, we love to see both Sony and Microsoft pushing each other as it can only mean better features for respective owners of both consoles.

Let us know your thoughts on Themes for PS4 and Xbox One. Who will get the feature out first to users and how much are you willing to pay for a ‘premium’ theme?

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  • Holeybartender

    Do you need themes to play videogames? No. Do you need music to play videogames? No. Do you need to watch movies to play videogames? No. Do you need any of this crap to play videogames? Not even. Who cares who releases these first. Gamers these days are complaining about crap that doesn’t affect gaming at all. Imagine how badass games could be if they didn’t waste all that power on useless features like these. Kinect added 10% just by removing it,

    • An Xbox One is not more powerful for not having Kinect plugged in. In the SDK(Standard Development Kit) there was a cached gpu reserve of 10% for Kinect features if the game developers choose to use it or not was up to them. Now that 10% is just open for any use. So, in short, I have Kinect and my system is not 90% as powerful as a kinectless system, it is solely dependent on the game.

      Also applying a wallpaper, or taking a screenshot, or playing music/videos in snap mode takes fewer resources than you can imagine from a system.

  • fredred

    haha just a bit