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My DRIVECLUB Android app pulled

Another day has passed since the disappointing news about the DriveClub PS Plus Edition release delay and also the delay regarding the My DriveClub app as well. Those hoping to see a release on Thursday for both are going to be let down as Evolution Studios are still working on improving the servers.

It’s turning into a frustration for many players, not because Evolution have delayed the PS Plus Edition and app, but the fact that it’s due to a problem that could have been prevented had the game been properly tested prior to launch.

The good thing however, is that Evolution are now racing around the clock to put things right and it could mean that everyone gets to enjoy the free version and the app by the weekend.


We can also see that Evolution Studios are doing their best to answer everyone’s questions over at the official DriveClub Twitter page. One problem that they have now though is that many Android owners have already downloaded the My DriveClub Android app before it was pulled on October 7.

We know this as the DriveClub companion app page was recorded by a Google cache save. It’s not available any more of course, but those that have tried to use the now pulled app have been met with connection errors.

When the My DriveClub app release date is live again, hopefully it will just be a case of opening the app and the server errors will be gone – otherwise those who already have the app may need to re-download it.

Did you already get the DriveClub companion app on iOS or Android before it was pulled due to server traffic problems?



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