Assassin’s Creed Unity 30 FPS better for action adventure

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2014

We have some more details on the fallout among fans after it was confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Unity would be running at a joint 30FPS and 900p on PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Ubisoft’s development team for the game have now spoken in more detail about their reasoning why they came to the decision to drop the game from a native 1080p resolution, and why it isn’t running at 60FPS which gamers so badly want.

Interestingly though, we have seen Assassin’s Creed Unity compared to movies as one member of Ubisoft’s team – Nicolas Guérin, who is the world level design director has stated in an interview that “you don’t gain that much from 60 fps and it doesn’t look like the real thing.”

He used the Hobbit movie as a reference point by saying that it looked “really weird”.


Afterwards, Alex Amancio Unity’s creative director chimed in by backing up the movie comparison. He said that 30 FPS was their new target for the game and that it would feel more “cinematic”.

In an ending comment and one which gamers may take interest is when he said that “60 FPS is for shooters, action adventure not so much”.

Do you agree with Ubisoft’s way of thinking? Assassin’s Creed Unity looks great so far from what we have seen from the gameplay and isn’t that the main point rather than technical details?

Let us know if you are satisfied with 30FPS and 900p resolution, or if you think it is a big blow to the game.

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  • Josh101

    In an ending comment and one which gamers may take interest is when he said that “60 FPS is for shooters, action adventure not so much”.
    For slow-paced games like The Last of Us, I absolutely agree. I have the re-mastered version for PS4 and I DO play it at a locked 30FPS, because it’s slow-paced and to me it actually feels more “cinematic.” But a game that has fluid motion and action sequences like Assassins Creed. Not so much. I would expect you would want it to feel more fluid.

  • BringOutTheGimp

    That still doesn’t explain the 900p.
    Actually, it makes the 900p on the PS4 seem even more like either a “favour” to MS or old fashioned laziness. First party PS4 titles will show whether Ubi are just full of it, or whether there is any merit to this spin. I will be very interested then if Unchartered 4 is 900p @ 30FPS. My money is on 1080p @ 60 FPS even though UC4 will also be action/adventure.
    Either way, Ubi has lost this sale of one PS4 copy of AC Unity. And in an already crowded November line up, me thinks this debacle will lead to many lost sales for PS4. I guess Ubi are hoping that they get a lot of Xboners because it will be probably the only multi-platform November game where the two versions are compltely identical. Any PS4 gamer, though, would be a complete fool to pay full price for this game – no other PS4 game in November is being released with such pedestrian performance.
    The only comfort I take from this spin is that they have to do Far Cry 4 at 1080p @ 60 FPS now (on the PS4 at least) as it is a “shooter” – because surely if MS had paid them to gimp FC4 on the PS4, then they would not have said “60FPS is for shooters”.

    • Josh101

      Exactly. Ubisoft must really everyone is dumb. It’s been proven time and time again that 1st party studio releases absolutely destroy 3rd party releases and completely debunk the “The system can only handle this at these settings.” They have lost my sale as well. I’m wondering why developers are soo worried about parity this gen, but had no problem releasing sub-par versions on the PS3 last gen. They weren’t worried about the debates then, but they are now? I wonder why that is? Could it be Microsoft willing to throw money at them to make them care? While Sony wouldn’t?