ZeroLemon LG G3 battery case extends life 3-fold

If getting more battery life from your LG G3 is more important than adding extra bulk, then one option is to go for the ZeroLemon LG G3 battery case. You might have some trouble locating onc seeing as though they have proved so popular, but they are out there. Most cases like this extend a phones battery life by 80 to 100 percent, but the ZeroLemon goes way beyond that.

According to various sources, the LG G3 battery case by ZeroLemon will increase the life of the phone by 300 percent. Knowing your G3 battery life will be increased 3-fold certainly allows you to forget about how bulky the case is, especially if you are a heavy user.

ZeroLemon LG G3 battery case

If you do not wish to keep charging your LG G3, then the ZeroLemon 9000mAh Extended Battery is one of the better options. This case also has another advantage, it adds protection to your G3, as it is off a rugged design. Having said that, we do think this model looks a lot like the very first iPhone battery cases, as it is far more bulkier than you would expect these days.

This is a small price to pay if you go through the battery life of your LG G3. The other downside is that to use this case you will need to remove the rear cover of the handset. The price for the ZeroLemon LG G3 Extended, Rugged Battery Case is $59.99. were selling these, but are currently out of stock.



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