Typo2 case for iPhone 6 with QWERTY Keyword

With the whole Ryan Seacrest and BlackBerry issue behind them, it is nice to see the Typo2 case for iPhone 6 now ready to pre-order, with shipping expected to be around November 15th. We know there is now more support for third-party keyboard apps, but if you like to get physical, then a full-on QWERTY Keyword like that of Blackberry devices is needed.

The Typo 2 keyboard case for the iPhone 6 is for US only at this time at a price of $99, which might seem a bit much at first, but we are sure business types won’t mind paying it. However, they will ship them outside the US, although this means you will have to pay extra shipping, local taxes, duties, etc.

Typo2 for case iPhone 6 adds QWERTY Keyword

The new design is better in the way that it does not infringe on any BlackBerry patents, but do you feel as though it has lost that certain something that made the original design stand out? The Typo2 case now has several buttons in different places, and there is also a keyboard lock function so that the phone does not accidentally start dialing.

Downside – With the Typo2 case for iPhone 6 you will be doing away with Touch ID, which means you have to do away with this security feature. With this being the case, you will need to make certain you switch this feature off in the settings.

This physical QWERTY Keyword for the iPhone 6 comes in just the one color, black, although we do hope to see more if the case proves a sucess. Order yours from here.



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