Minecraft PS Vita release date after testing fears

By Alan Ng - Oct 8, 2014

Another week has passed and we are still no clearer to knowing the true status with regards to the highly anticipated Minecraft PS Vita release date. All other platforms of the game are finished, but it is the PS Vita build that continues to be shrouded by mystery.

Unfortunately, the latest rumors on the status of the game are unlikely to calm things either. On social media, there are whispers emerging that the game hasn’t even been sent to Sony for testing, meaning that it could still be in development stage.

Most of you will know by now that Microsoft has now acquired Mojang and as a result, some believe that this could have an adverse affect on the Vita release, since all other platforms were finished by the time Microsoft completed their acquisition.


Developers 4J Studios have not said a single word on the game for a week, as the last official mention of the game was on October 1 when they said that they would let fans know when they themselves knew any new information for the title.

If the game has not been sent to Sony for testing, it could mean that we are still a long way from a final release. Don’t forget what happened with the PS4 version of the game failing testing back in August.

Dare we say it, but is Minecraft PS Vita in danger of not releasing before the end of 2014? There seems to be a lot of silence from the big guns in charge and it could be in fear of a backlash among those who have already put their money down on the game.

What are your feelings at the moment as we approach the end of another week without Minecraft PS Vita news?

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  • Josh101

    Meh. I’m over it. Was interested in Minecraft for a bit, but it’s whatever. Plenty of other games to play.

  • thehipchip13 (psn account)

    im actully fowlowing diffrent things on twitter and every ones saying october 15 and i checked with videotron and the gamechip is appering also on the 15th.

  • BP

    Minecraft for PS Vita has already been sent to Sony for testing. A quick google search for Minecraft PS Vita Sony Testing will bring this up. This is nothing more than a click-bait article. The certification from Sony is completely out of 4J Studios hands until it passes or fails testing.

    That said “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

  • Rubymaster1

    Minecraft Ps Vita – Bundled with Half Life 3!

    • supercyberfunk

      Yeah, right. I wish. I’ll buy that with my lottery money after a date with Michelle Rodriguez.

  • Jamar Murray

    I have been waiting for the Vita version since last year December when I got the PS3 version.

  • spice

    i got a vita just for this im so pissed

  • Blaze

    Dammit Microsoft is toying with Sony. They’re like haha we own the company now we’re going to delay your releases while we get our sales up. Grrrrrrrr 🙁

  • Unknown

    Hurry up and get this release 4j, your pissing everybody off, and therefore, people will forget about the game, no-body will buy the game and you make no money off of it! Hurry da fuq up and fix up idiots

  • Hmph. That’s stupid.They even had a TV advert that said September. I guess that counts as false advertisement…

  • APowerfulJedi

    I keep checking everyday hoping this is released soon but I would rather them make sure it’s a solid product than rushing out garbage.

  • Brandon

    Remember, 4J said it would release, along with all the other console versions, in November of 2013! It’s been a whole year, and they STILL haven’t pushed out the Vita version, with already more than 3 HUGE delays. I think we’ll be lucky to see it by the time the PS5P comes out, or something like that.

  • RetroGamesAnime

    Release date confirmed for holiday 2019

    • supercyberfunk

      By that time, Sony should have another handheld released.

  • Matthew

    Why can 4j studios say something I’m starting to get pissed. People said it was coming out in August what happen nothing. Then it will be setember nothing happen. It’s been two months since they had a release date. This makes people start forgetting about this game. 4j needs get head out their ass and finish this game that we been waiting for about two months.

  • Guest

    I swear if Microsoft has anything to do with this…

  • Guest

    I think that it hasn’t even sent to sony too because right after 4J Studios sent Minecraft PS4 to sony for Certification Test it appeared on the Playstation website when I searched for “Minecraft PS4” in the “Search” tab before it was even released. I’m really angry about this because I’ve been waiting for Minecraft PS Vita to come since rumors spread the past year saying that Minecraft could be possible for PS Vita.

  • Angel dela rosa cruz

    hope that it comes out in this month.

  • Unknown

    This is worse than being dumped by five girls in a row!!

  • Gavin Sumner

    They did already state that it had been sent to Sony for testing…

  • Herobrine

    Gutted and betrayed 🙁

  • bob

    :'( better come out soon, come on guys you are breaking my heart! </3 :'(