Facebook app log in down, users claim

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 20, 2015

It’s unclear whether the current problems are only on Android, or iPhone, but we are hearing the Facebook log in is down in certain areas. The claims focus on the app not working and people are receiving error messages, which basically say Facebook is currently unavailable due to site issues.

The readers we have heard from spread out across the globe, although after our checks with the Facebook iPhone app it seemed like everything was working again. Taking a quick look on Twitter reveals a different story, especially considering a tweet in the last 3 minutes said “It seems Facebook has gone down for me and won’t let me log in fully, says database is being worked on”.

Facebook app log in down

From what we can tell, it looks like the Facebook app problems are related to demand or a stretching of resources within certain locations. This is why some people state the app is not working, and others don’t have any issue connecting to their favorite social network.

Can you sign-in to Facebook within the app and if so, is this on Android or iOS? We’d also like to know the location of those having problems, especially as this reveals a pattern in some cases. We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment.

We should note that our tests were run on both the Facebook Messenger app and the main application for Apple’s mobile operating system.

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  • Vivian

    Can’t log in on my laptop. Very annoying.

  • bruno byamukama

    wats up with facebook

  • Nicole

    Really facebook? I can’t log in as it looks like you’re doing “maintenance”?

  • Chris

    My life is on Facebook and I can’t log in .

  • Eve

    I need to visit my Facebook account, but i can’t log in. Help?