PSN friends list problems, loading slow

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 7, 2014

Sony hasn’t confirmed problems with the PSN friends list loading slow on PS4 and PS3 systems, but we’ve been informed by several users of these consoles that all report a very slow loading friends list right now. It also doesn’t look like PSN is down today, and the official status page just lists the service as online.

One of Product Reviews readers stated, “My PSN is taking forever to load the friends list and also the messages just won’t load”. This reader was supported by many others, including this comment “It looks like PSN just wiped my friends list, they are all missing”.


We logged on with a PS3 and PS4 to run a few tests in the last hour. Both systems had a very slow loading PlayStation Network, we couldn’t even load messages as well. We’ve reached out to Sony for comment on the friends list problems, but it’s not clear if they are aware of these issues.

Are you able to sign-in to PSN right now and if so, how is your friends list loading? If it’s slow, let us know what console you are using and when these problems started for you.

Update: It’s very clear that PSN isn’t down anymore, but the hundreds of tweets reveal users can’t see their friends list and can’t add people to party’s.

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  • John Blue

    November 29, I’ve had slow loading messages for months after months now and recently just got even worse. I’ve waited 30 minutes now to get a few messages to load… Friends list works much better now though (there were issues earlier)

  • Tvmt

    I have a PS3 and one of my id takes forever to load messages even freezes up my system at time shen I try to access my messages,

  • the domis

    I’m having problems in October 16

  • Reece

    My friends list Isn’t working fix it

  • Bubab-bertie13

    I have a ps4 and it’s not loading my friends list please help!

  • Asuka Kitsune Matsuyama

    it only affecting my ps4 & vita my friends ceo u better fix it server people

  • Danny

    mine works fine..?
    no lagging fast and loads quick, send message quick too?

  • BlindMango

    Problems with the friends list is a real thing to those laughing at the issue. The other day I was having serious issues adding friends or with friends adding me (though that was only for two days and it works fine now, probably a server issue). There are people with a higher number of friends who cannot view everyone on their list or accept real name requests (People like Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty from IGN that have been complaining about that issue for the past year with no fix). I hope Sony gets around to fixing the friends list at some point…

    • Josh101

      Forward your ports!! Look at my post 2 down. It has helped me tremendously. Last night I downloaded Dust a Elysian Tail and I was hitting a consistent 8MB a second and sometimes hitting 10MB’s a second. My friends list loads accordingly as well, a few minor hiccups but NOTHING like I’ve seen on videos.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    OH NO!!! The sky is falling, the world is coming to an end cause my friends list loaded slowly, that’s it I’m throwing away my PS4 and running right out and buying an appboxOne I need a new tv control box anyway.

  • Josh101

    Have any of you tried port forwarding? Google “Sony Firewall port numbers” and write them down. Go to your router settings and forward your ports to directly connect to Sony servers. It has helped tremendously for me.

  • Guest

    Truly the PoS NOTwork. Such a drag with all their lies and overhype that don’t deliver.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      LOL this guy is still posting the same old stuff, his life must be a miserable drag, such a loser.

  • Da GeeZ

    It’s ok, I’m sure the next ps4 firmware update will ‘improve stability’, everyone calm down sony are on the case.

    • Guest

      Gotta love the Sony one in one out policy with the epic failure that is DiveClub. Their NOTwork is so inferior, it’s hilarious that people now have to pay for it.

  • gamer4life79

    Been having this problem for a few months now. I have 760 “friends” so maybe that’s the problem. It sucks cuz I can’t even load their name to send an invite so I ask them to send me one. Yes, I can send messages to whoever sends me messages but the name won’t load on anything but messages. Regardless I’ll deal with it as long as I have to. Not really a huge deal but really annoying. I thought my internet was to blame but most time I have a 20+ download speed and that’s way more than enough to load anything. Anyways if you enjoy Resogun or Driveclub and looking for someone to goof with then hit me up PSN…asskckr98 yes that’s my psn. I created it years ago for the ps3 and I have platinums I don’t wanna lose so I’m not changing now. Sorry for the ridiculously long boring post.

  • James Fitzgerald

    I noticed this problem aftet the last stability update and then the launch of destiny ita like they dont have enough capacity for the games and psn.

  • Dennis Crosby

    That suck hopefully Sony gets this fixed soon

  • Theo Morris

    It used to work fine, but I also noticed this the past 3 weeks.


    My friends list has been broken since launch i have 407 friends cant get past G without it crashing everytime hope 2.0 update fixes it

  • Sean Carbutt

    Same here, South Africa. Heck I couldn’t even see my PS4 shall we call it “task bar”

  • Luanne Viqueira

    Its soo slow mine wont load at all!! Can’t even see my profile or my notifications. Sony I love you but this is just not fair! Its always slow but now its just stuck.

    • fabzdizzle

      Whats your PSN

  • Nasa

    My friends list is also very slow or doesnt load at all. Cannot search for players to add though or send a message, the PS4 says no results found (although its exact username with uppercase and all) and the app says the server timed out when adding.

  • Troy

    My tropes won’t load on PS3.

  • Lewis

    My friends list is really slow on PS4, I try to send a message but it just won’t work.