Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes PC superiority vs console

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2014

Konami has kept PC gamers waiting anxiously, but now we are pleased to see that a Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes release date on PC is now official. The prequel to MGS5: Phantom Pain is going to be available to buy this December, directly on the Steam store.

Ground Zeroes has been available on console since March of course, and with a gap of more than half a year PC gamers were well within their right to voice concern on whether a PC release would still happen.

Now we know that the game is definitely on the way, as Konami has confirmed that Ground Zeroes will launch on December 18. While the release frustration is clearly evident, PC gamers can bask in the glory of having a version that will undoubtedly be graphically superior to console.

Konami has already hinted towards this eventuality, by saying that the PC version is not only going to be 4K compatible for those that have the hardware, but the PC build will also support better visuals all around with an increase in models on screen, light sources and shadow resolution.

These reasons alone may be enough to justify a purchase, but there will still be the inevitable complaints that Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes is too short – a complaint that was almost universal after the March console release.

Are you still planning to experience Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC regardless of game length, simply to bask in the glory of maximum graphics output? Let us know if you intent to buy the game this December.

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  • Sales Strategies 101

    Phew. My “have to buy” list was getting too crazy anyways. And this was on it. Looks like I will be skipping this as I have a PS4. I never understand why devs say that that are favouring a particular platform. Coz it totally annoys all other potential consumers. Especially when it goes beyond graphics. Let’s hope for the dev’s sake, that not too many PC players torrent it. They are playing with fire as even well-intentioned PC gamers will have pretty thin wallets after November. Let’s hope they haven’t overspent in November. I know I will be overspending in November, but have told the wife it is just not my fault. Dragon Age, Far Cry 4 to name just two. And many will be getting CoD.
    I just question the commercial decision making, but as they make awesome games, I hope it still sells well. If not, next time, if the PC will be superior, do what R* did to maximise TOTAL sales. First, release the inferior versions as that way they are still the “best” on day 1. Then announce the superior version at least a month or two later as by then, most console players will have already bought it by the time they realise they are paying MORE for LESS (an inferior version). Then you get the full PC sales, without cannibalising your early, higher priced console sales.
    Remeber, R* didnt even let on they would release a PS4 version so as to not prevent people holding off on the PS3 version to wait for the better version.
    Does Konami have commercial advisers? And if so, are they drug tested?