EE network signal booster

How many times have you been at home or in the office and found that you have to walk to a certain point in the building or even hang your head out the window in order to get decent signal on your EE network? We bet it happens more times than you would like to mention, and in extreme cases you have to even run into the street in order to take or make a call.

This is not an ideal situation, but there are solutions in the way of an EE network signal booster, well a three in all. With these products you can say goodbye to dashing around the office or going to a certain corner of the house in order to take or make a call.

EE network indoor signal booster

Solution one – If you do not have a large business you can choose the Signal Box, which can even be used for personal use. This device will offer enhanced indoor coverage and full 3G signal for up to four people with a maximum distance of 15 meters.

Solution two – The EE Signal Booster will give you even better coverage throughout your office, and will support up to 16 users for improved 3G at the same time.

Solution three – If these two are not ideal for you, then EE does offer Bespoke Solutions for larger teams or buildings. You will need to contact the UK network in order for them to tailor a coverage plan that is ideal for your needs.



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