Assassin’s Creed Unity PS4 Vs Xbox One parity to stop debates

Assassin’s Creed Unity is on the way this November and now we can bring you some important information for those that are specifically waiting for Ubisoft to drop details with regards to the Assassin’s Creed Unity PS4 Vs Xbox One resolution.

It has become a known fact with the next-generation ‘war’ so far, that PS4 games have generally been output at a higher resolution than Xbox One. Developers have had to scramble to boost Xbox One games shortly after release, or in some cases (Diablo 3) Microsoft’s engineers have stepped in themselves to improve the game with their own tools.

Now, Ubisoft has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Unity will be 900p on both PS4 and Xbox One, while both versions will also be capped at 30FPS. We know that the immediate reaction to this will be questions on why the PS4 version isn’t 1080p like most other games and if the Xbox One version specifically has caused other platforms to take a hit indirectly.

When speaking to Videogamer, Ubisoft’s Vincent Pontbriand was bold enough to say that the decision why, was to stop these very debates which always tend to move away from other aspects of the game development, with the internet generally more fixed to which version simply ‘runs better’.

He is quoted as saying: “We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff.” However he later said that the cap was due to AI as if it was only graphics needed, they could get 100fps:

“We could be running at 100fps if it was just graphics, but because of AI, we’re still limited to 30 frames per second.”

Is this ultimately a good decision for the game, or are you unhappy that we are not seeing a 1080p, 60 FPS game? Then again, in terms of gameplay, we fully expect Assassin’s Creed Unity to blow us away again, just like Black Flag did during the initial gameplay reveal.

Give us your reaction to this and the fact that Ubisoft are keen to end the ‘debates’ on resolution that gamers always bring to the table.



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