Yahoo Mail login down, not working again

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2014

Last week, Yahoo officially confirmed that the Yahoo Mail login was having problems, with users unable to access their mail. One week later however, we are still getting complaints suggesting that Yahoo Mail is still not working at 100% functionality as before.

When trying to check daily emails each morning, it’s understandable how frustrating this can be for those that depend on getting emails out in a timely and functional manner.

Yahoo sent out a Tweet on October 3, initially confirming that Yahoo Mail access was limited for some users and that their engineering team was working on a quick fix.

Since then, we have not heard back from Yahoo Mail on this and based on user feedback on Facebook, we can see that there are still Yahoo Mail login problems today for many users.


You can see that the complaints are still rolling in, so hopefully a definitive fix is going to be rolled out by the Yahoo Mail team by the end of the world, once and for all.

Have you had problems accessing your Yahoo Mail login within the last 24 hours? Get in touch with us below on your status at the moment.

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  • Brenda

    I got on long enough to get one email from my boss, but I can’t respond to it or receive any, now. Please fix this! This is ridiculous!

  • KMA Yahoo

    wow THREE times in the last week, in the same State as Cupertino, even.
    Really, Yahoo? Idea: GO BACK TO YA.BASIC… no “intuitive sliders” or
    any other BS. There are apparently more resources allocated toward “User
    Masturbatory Features rather than the spartan efficiency that most
    people STILL favor over the penultimate Interface changes to date.

    hidden sliders;” “the static AdSense in all of our messages as the
    first message;” the “new looks” all this BS is just interfering with why
    most of us who remember signed on Y! in the first place.

    are neglecting your core demographic who seek stability and ease of use.
    Keep changing your format 3x per year, and we will find another email
    opportunity that we can use while you remain “down/” pathetic.
    I’d hat to even look toward gmail since it is so heavy on surveillance,
    but options are limited. KMA and KMA again Yahoo; since your outsourced
    labor is striking overseas.ha.

  • M M

    Seriously, yahoo is not a good mail service any more. sucks. !!!

  • fit4life43

    Still having the same problem in the last week or so! Temporary Error 14!! or Sorry Engineering is working on problem! WTH!! It’s obvious they changed something! Why not just back it out and find out the problem! Why let the users suffer!!??

  • John

    Down AGAIN!!! It’s time to bite the bullet and move to Gmail.

  • Glenwood

    YAHOO down…down…down….down…down…down…down…down…down…down

  • gpmars

    Yahoo Mail out yesterday was fixed temporally now it is out again. Temporary error 14.

  • tweeks

    Mail down and out yet again today

  • latrice robinson

    This is a shame I have been trying to contact yahoo & been holding for 2 hours. Every time I try to login it keeps saying UK. They need to fix this ASAP. Maybe I might just go to another site & get rid of yahoo.

  • Carolyn

    i keep getting the same 2nd question over and over again which is that where you spent your childhood summer and i typed hong kong like this and it let me type these codes with the exact same letters and numbers including if it’s capitalized or not and it still went back to asking that same 2nd question again, i just wanted to change my password so i can remember it easily, that’s all.

  • Nancy

    I am experiencing problems with them today (as has been the case for two weeks, daily password change requirements, now mostly non functional.) Got disconnected fr. customer service phone call twice. It is damaging my business. So upset.

  • Willsey

    45 minutes on phone waiting for a advisor. Great service!!!!

  • Mzwandile Mbambo

    I also have the same problem. Mine sometimes says someone was trying log on in UK so I have to change the password I change my password maybe +-8 times now, the worst thing if Im trying to log on to my cellphone it always says”Communication error please try again later” or ”
    user id or password incorrect”

  • Dave Knowles

    Apart from a brief window of 30 minutes this morning I can’t access my email either.

  • Martyn

    Yep, still spasmodic function for me. Started Fri 10 Oct. Get Temp Error 14 notification. Implement all Yahoo recommended fixes. Occasionally get function back but soon reverts to TE14. This last outage is not responding at all. Would be good to hear advisement from Yahoo.

  • Anthony

    I am not able to access my account because it tells me that my password is wrong and its saying that it cannot be changed online.

  • frustrated

    Out all day. Hard to get important notices that don’t have a week to be answered or whenever Yahoo gets around to fixing it.

  • JT

    JT This is ridiculous it’s failed again and halfway through writing an email—BT are so busy with complaints it will take hours to get a response.
    Can we get any compensation???????

  • Steve

    What’s going on? I understand issues arise now and again. it’s how quickly they’re resolved that matters.
    Calibre of engineer and money!
    You need both, if one of those elements is poor, expect long delays…


      Can’t login to my email, been trying since 5.30 a.m., gota go off out soon. Glad to read your comments, assumed it was my computer at fault or my inexperience!.

  • nomail

    yahoo is down again 🙁