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Tinder log in problems again in Oct

It looks like there are continued Tinder app problems this week, with many users saying that the dating app Tinder is not working and they cannot log in to Tinder and continue their virtual matchmaking sessions.

It’s not the first time that we have told you about Tinder problems recently. After the release of Apple’s iOS 8 software, we told you here that Tinder wasn’t playing nice with Apple’s new software.

Skip forward two weeks later and it looks like users are still having issues with the app, not just on iOS but Android as well. As far as we’re aware, Tinder server errors have been ongoing for a few days and some feedback which we’ve seen within the last few hours suggests that the app is still not fully operational.

We tried to login ourselves, but received a server error upon log in. Others have said that a reinstall of the Tinder app is needed if you are getting constant errors, but even then it doesn’t fully solve the problem in some cases.

Are you able to use Tinder with no problem at the moment, or is Tinder down in your area?



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