iPad 2 update to iOS 8.0.2 on hold after problems

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2014

During WWDC this year we were offered a list of deceives that would support iOS 8, and on that list was the iPad 2. Seeing as though this tablet is getting on a bit it seemed strange to people that it would still be supported. It’s for this very reason why a small percentage of owners decided to hold off updating, and even though iOS 8.0.2 has been released, they are still holding off.

iPad 2 update to iOS 8.0.2 – Some people are not updating their iPad 2 after reading Apple support pages because problems are still ongoing. We know new versions of iOS always have issues, but iOS 8 seems to be one of the worst, and so there is hope that iOS 8.0.3 will help to resolve many of these – although we would not hold our breath.

iPad 2 update to iOS 8.0.2

To be on the safe side, it is always best to check forums to see what issues people are having, so don’t update on day one.

Some of the issues – One owner now has an iPad 2 black screen after the iOS 8 update, and when it did manage to work the battery was dead in hours. The tablet worked perfectly before updating. Another person decided to update to iOS 8.0.2 because Apple said it would resolve many problems, but it killed his iPad 2. He has tried to reboot, but nothing helps.

We are also hearing the iPad 2 camera doesn’t work after the update, as it keeps crashing. The tablet as a whole is now sluggish, and even a restore does not help to speed things up.

With so many reports coming in you have to wonder why Apple did mot make the decision and tell people the iPad 2 is not supported by iOS 8? Failing that, a heads up of these issues would be nice. Apple knows many iPad 2 owners are having problems, as they can see this on Apple Discussions, and so they could have advised people to hold off even trying to update to iOS 8.0.2. Come on Apple techs, get with the program.

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  • Debbie McCracken Slaunwhite

    I too have an iPad 2 running IOS 7. There’s no way I’m upgrading to IOS 8 after reading countless comments here and elsewhere about the problems they’re having after their own upgrades. I just can’t take that chance and that is a sad statement. iPad was my first Apple product and I have never regretted it. I love my iPad and I’ve always been of the opinion that the product is the Cadillac of tablets.

    But now I’m beginning to think that Apple wants me to buy a newer version of iPad which is something I never thought they would stoop to. I can’t see any other reason for providing an upgrade that simply isn’t supported for older iPads. I feel I’m being backed into a corner by Apple – either I take my chances and upgrade or I abandon this iPad and buy a new one. And chances are, even if I choose the former option I may end up having to buying a new one anyway. Thing is, iPads aren’t cheap. You really have to weigh the pros and cons of buying a tablet that starts at $600.00 and goes up from there.

    I’ll have to make a decision soon as the new apps are not supported for IOS 7. I never thought Apple would be like this – I thought they were different.

  • Andrew Acer

    Please fix this Apple I was doing just fine when my ipad2 had Ios7 working okay but Ios8 isn’t letting me do good also I got ios 8.1.1 also help get rid of the freezes and stuff for a new update

  • Bubbler

    iPad2 (older kit but) supposedly supported by IOS 8.0.2. Under IOS7 iPad worked perfectly. After “upgrading” to IOS8.0.2 it now runs as if through treacle, freezes and stalls. Story passed on to many friends, warning them to avoid 8.0.2. Apple need to either fix the problem they created, or provide a route back to IOS 7.
    If, as suspected by many, Apple are trying to encourage people to buy newer equipment then when I do so, it won’t be Apple kit!
    Get a grip Apple, if you expect to regarded as a premium brand, then act like one!

  • ekelks

    tapping yields copy paste select blah blah endless and useless

  • Johnny-o

    Disappointed as well. Ipad2 sluggish and memory often near full. Apps stop responding to screen input. Reboot fixes for a while. Yes, I do expect free updates and support for the life of my machine. If they cannot supply bug and vulnerbility free OS first time then they fix it free. I ppobably will not purchase another Apple product unless there is a quick fix. I bought a 64Gb ipad si it would last… And it is a lot of money to replace for home use. My old laptop lasted about 10 years with ram, DVDs writer, and hard drive upgrades. Cannot upgrade ipad. So come on Apple.

  • Lee

    I’m so annoyed about this. Reliability was the reason I bought into Apple. I might get a Surface next time I update my hardware.

  • Bubbler

    Apple should allow iPad 2 owners to revert.

    • Mike

      I totally agree at the moment the only use at best for my ipad is a door wedge. Functionality down by 90% after ios 8 update, I would go back to ios 7 in a heart beat

      • Mirjam van Dalen

        Me too, my iPad keeps freezing and is so slow now! I wish Apple would give us a link to reinstall ios7. I regret the day I downloaded ios8

  • Buzzer

    So what do we do if we have updated and it has not worked my iPad 2 is just black screen with a lead on and iTunes logo