DriveClub PS4 pre-load live in US

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2014

Those who have bought Driveclub on PS4 in the US have now received some very good news. The DriveClub PS4 pre-load is now live, meaning that those who have the game can download the game files early ready to play at the earliest opportunity.

As most of you are now well aware, Driveclub will be available in two variations. First a PS Plus Edition which is free to all PS Plus members – honoring’s Sony’s original promise made at E3 2013.

However, the PS Plus Edition only features a select list of cars and tracks and obviously isn’t the full game experience which you will get for buying the full game.

It is this full game that can be pre-loaded now, as the PS Plus Edition is still not ready just yet. Evolution Studios have also sent out word that pre-load is only live in the US at the moment, while the Driveclub Europe pre-load will be Tuesday and the Driveclub UK pre-load on Wednesday.

The pre-load function is becoming one of the most impressive features of the PS4, while we love seeing that ongoing live countdown timer as well which can be accessed once the pre-load has started – an image can be seen as an example below.

The question is, have you already seen enough of Driveclub to drop your money on the full version of the game? Let us know if your pre-load has started, or if you are still waiting.

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  • dvla_spy

    I have more hope for Project cars

  • dvla_spy

    Why no reviews?

  • Josh101

    Definitely picking this game up. You know Sony is making absolute sure that this game is top notch before sending it out. They wouldn’t let it come out otherwise, not with the massive delay the game suffered. This will be one hell of a showcase for the PS4.

    • Steven Johnson

      Agreed! I originally pre-ordered this at the PS4 launch so was gutted when it never released. I am more than prepared to wait for a game to be released how the developer intended, so I really, really do hope the hype is worth it… It certainly sounds and looks awesome that’s for sure… Roll on Friday!

      • Josh101

        It’s going to be a good game, I can guarantee that. Sony couldn’t suffer this game as a dud. I think once a lot of people get the PS+ versions, they will upgrade to the full version.