Destiny servers down for update, hack proof hopes

We have an important heads-up for Destiny gamers now, as Bungie has warned that Destiny servers will be down on Tuesday October 7 for some scheduled and most welcome maintenance.

Destiny down has not been a rarity since launch, as most will remember that the game was recently the subject of an attack by the LizardSquad group, the same people who managed to take PSN offline as well.

Bungie has stated on their website that Destiny servers will be offline in preparation for a Hot Fix. During this time, the game will be completely offline for several hours and Bungie has hinted that the main flavor of the update is to boost the game’s security – perhaps a clear reference to ensuring that they are ‘hack proof’ in future after the recent attack.

Here’s the important part though. Bungie has also given an exact time for when Destiny servers are likely to go offline. It will happen at around 7am Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 7th – meaning 10am for those on Eastern Time, 3pm for those in the UK and the rest of Europe.

There’s a fair amount of other fixes in store too, such as server performance improvements, more data logging for matchmaking systems and improved connectivity failure handling when it comes to KTOs.

It looks like a fairly essential update for the game and one which most of you should appreciate despite the scheduled offline time, which perhaps isn’t ideal for those in Europe.

Still though, if this Destiny server update prevents future hacks, it can only be a good thing right? Let us know your thoughts on your current Destiny experience.



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