Candy Crush can’t connect to Store problems

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2014

Last month, we told you that players of Candy Crush were experiencing problems when trying to connect the game with Facebook. One month later, we can tell you that the Candy Crush problems are still happening and in particular, constant error messages such as “Candy Crush can’t connect to Store”.

Within the last few hours, we have been getting a lot of complaints from our readers who tell us that their Candy Crush app problems are just as bad as last month.

With Candy Crush Facebook connect problems the biggest issue last month, now it looks like Candy Crush App Store problems are what is now troubling users and we can only hope that a fix is in the works to solve the problems for good.


Take a look at just some of the feedback above that we have picked out on the Facebook page for the game, there are over 1000 comments from users who are specifically complaining about Store connection problems meaning that they cannot progress in the game until a fix is live.

As far as we’re aware, the Candy Crush Store connect problems are happening on both iOS and Android, so not restricted to either platform.

Are you trying to play Candy Crush right now, but cannot due to Store connection failure? Let us know how long this has been happening to you and your message to the developers.

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  • vtstevens

    Just today, candy crush will not connect to Google playstore, and I can’t get any of my booster prizes. Can someone help?

  • Julie J

    Have been unable to connect to the store for about three or four months now – applies to farm heroes and soda crush. Play on iPad not through Facebook

  • Natosha ToshaMac Mckenzie

    Can’t connect to store in candy crush…stuck level 171

  • Rae

    I haven’t been able to connect to the store since last year. Use Android on Samsung tablet and phone. Can’t play the game any longer- so sad.

  • Andrew Darby

    It has been happening for the last 2 days with soda saga it is so annoying.

  • LolliPop

    Mal, thnx for the info. It works!

    Niloo… that’s rude! He was only tryn to help. Evidently you did something wrong because it worked great for me.

  • Mal

    This worked for me!
    Go to settings and date time.
    Set date one week ahead. Go back to candy crush. Select but don’t play.
    Go back to date time and select auto, this will bring you back to the present date and time.
    Go back to candy crush and you should be able to connect to FB and the store
    Good luck

    • niloo

      Hate u👎👎👎😠😠😠😠 you screwed all my levels!!!!!!

  • James Henley

    It just started today for me (Feb 26)

  • Dishie

    i can’t connect to the store. i just spent $20 of real money to buy boosters that i can’t use. WTF?!?!

  • Amanda

    No access to the store for the last week. Miss it.

  • Ro

    Still haven’t been able to connect to Store since Xmas. When will this get fixed?!

  • sue

    Have not been able to connect to store for months now, WTF is ever going to be fixed. Lolo dont think so..

  • LJ JL

    Very frustrating unable to connect to the store AND random requests to friends to continue. BOO! Very bad greedy bastids. See how you enjoy loyal customers l e a v i n g in droves bcuz of your over-played selfishness. Peace. As for me, no more Candy Crush OR Soda, etc. The thrill is gone.

  • Tony Foster

    Haven’t been able to contact app store for over 3 weeks now. Will this be fixed with the next update? Val

  • derepp

    Download freedom on play store and launch thru that and wala work for me

  • Bones

    iPad. Had problem Aug-Sept approximately 8 weeks. Fixed … Happening again. Che pasa

  • Gary35k

    i found a very simple solution to this problem. All you have to do is sign into your candy crush account on a different platform then the one that you’re currently using.
    For example, on my IPAD I could not contact the store after level 410 no matter what I tried to do.
    However, I also play candy crush on my android phone. So i signed into my candry crush account on my android phone and oila, it allowed me to contact the store and move up episodes!!!

  • Steve

    Been happening for a week now. Did not do anything that I am aware of…

    • gary3

      Hi Steve,
      read my post above

  • Lana

    About two weeks? First the game froze. When I reset the App, I was now disconnected to FB.
    Last few days also cannot connect w/App store, either. Frustrating.

  • hielkje rhodes

    I bought 5 extra balls, and then the game locks up, great lost my money, 2 times in a row. Can you do something about it, like give me back my money???

  • Snowyval

    Same here, haven’t been able to connect to store for a couple of weeks. (Before ios8.02 and after update) Can’t buy next adventure.

  • saffron

    The problem started days BEFORE I downloaded ios8. It happened with the last release of the game. The previous version of the game works fine on my phone. I can still play, just can’t get to my gold bars or spin the wheel. It’s like going to Macy’s and all the cash registers are broken, you can’t pay even if you want to. How can they not notice that good customers have suddenly dried up? Don’t they have ppl monitoring social media? Why can’t they fix this??…

  • Barbara

    Cannot connect to App Store since I installed latest upgrade of iOS 8.02 yesterday for Candy Crush only. . It was working fine unti the latest download from Apple.

  • Carolyn

    Also waiting for a reply from King Keep getting failure to contact store. So no more candy crush or pet rescue. Their the ones missing out on revenue. Maybe time to give the games away.

  • Coco

    This has happened to me too many times to count. I have made it to level 600s and has to reinstall application. Starting back at 1!!!!! How frustrating!
    Last time I was in 300s and had tondo same thing! Now it’s happening again and I’m only at a level of 92!
    As much money it we all spend on extra lives we should not ever have problems. Should run smoothly! All was good before update of these stupid gold bars you buy now!

    • Rhodges

      I’ve never bought anything through candy crush and it still is messed up on my iPhone

  • galan413

    Stuck on Level 425 for about 4 months now! I got down to 2 blues and only needed ONE MORE MOVE! Got the “Failed to connect to store” message and was devastated!

  • Dee

    Trying yo connect to store for about two weeks. I don’t think they care about fixing this!!!!!!