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Candy Crush can’t connect to Store problems

Last month, we told you that players of Candy Crush were experiencing problems when trying to connect the game with Facebook. One month later, we can tell you that the Candy Crush problems are still happening and in particular, constant error messages such as “Candy Crush can’t connect to Store”.

Within the last few hours, we have been getting a lot of complaints from our readers who tell us that their Candy Crush app problems are just as bad as last month.

With Candy Crush Facebook connect problems the biggest issue last month, now it looks like Candy Crush App Store problems are what is now troubling users and we can only hope that a fix is in the works to solve the problems for good.


Take a look at just some of the feedback above that we have picked out on the Facebook page for the game, there are over 1000 comments from users who are specifically complaining about Store connection problems meaning that they cannot progress in the game until a fix is live.

As far as we’re aware, the Candy Crush Store connect problems are happening on both iOS and Android, so not restricted to either platform.

Are you trying to play Candy Crush right now, but cannot due to Store connection failure? Let us know how long this has been happening to you and your message to the developers.



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