Bloodborne PS4 release date fears after test cancelled

Bloodborne is one of the most anticipated PS4 releases in 2015, but there has been some uncertainty around the game over the last few days, due to the sudden ending of a planned Bloodborne PS4 alpha test.

Those who had been expecting to test the game over the weekend in an official alpha test from developers From Software, were met with a message from the team who suddenly ended the test until further notice.

From Software, developers of the infamous Dark Souls series have since cited ‘defects’ and other issues in their reasoning for taking the game offline. Gamers had planned to enter Bloodborne on October 5th, to play the game for the planned three hours.

Now, it isn’t possible and there may not be another chance to play the game before the scheduled Bloodborne public launch on February 6 next year.

Those who had managed to play the game on October during the initial opening of the alpha test had since commented that the game looked amazing and very polished considering it was tagged as being in alpha status.

There are some theories already brewing that the sudden closure of the alpha test, is specifically due to the amount of users who are uploading unofficial gameplay of Bloodborne onto YouTube, which perhaps the developers are not happy about.

Others are saying that the defects could involve some glitches that players managed to find in the test that need immediate action. For now though, the developers are not giving a specific reason.

Were you expecting to play Bloodborne over the weekend, but couldn’t? Let us know if you think the release date may be affected by these ‘defects’ that From Software has spoken about.



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