Best iPhone 6 case with double battery life

If you are looking for some of the best iPhone 6 cases around, one that we have spotted definitely deserves some of your attention. Even better, this case not only looks great but it can double up as a iPhone 6 battery extender case as well.

This case comes from BuQu and is easily one of the more premium iPhone 6 cases available on the market at the moment. By premium we are talking about a $79.99 retail price for the BuQu Power Armour iPhone 6 case, but for that price it comes with some great features.

The case itself is built from a lightweight unibody shell that will definitely take any hit or damage that your iPhone 6 incurs if you drop it onto the floor and it lands on its back.


Unlike other cases, the BuQu Power Armour also features a patented slide-lock mechanism which will make it very easy to remove when you don’t want to keep it locked away inside a shell – this is a great feature of the case in our opinion.

Topping it off, there is an included LED gauge which tells you how much battery power you have left, which looks very slick indeed and definitely offers a few points in the style department.

The main nuts and bolts of this case and why it costs $80, is the fact that it can instantly double iPhone 6 battery life. The case comes with a built in 2,500 battery, ensuring that you have plenty of extra talk and data usage, whilst minimizing bulk in terms of size inside your pocket.

Does this sound like the best iPhone 6 case for your daily lifestyle? Let us know if you are considering getting one, or if you have spotted an alternative that you prefer instead.



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