3 mobile not working on Oct 6 across UK

We are hearing that 3 mobile is not working today, October 6 across the UK, and this seems to be a very big outage for the network. From what we can make out the Three mobile outage is affecting customers in London mostly, although other areas in the UK have also noticed they are having issues.

With Three down today this has sparked a lot of anger from those who pay for a contract, and what makes things worse is that after contacting the network and being promised a call back, no call back has happened, which is happening on a number of occasions for affected users.

3 (Three) mobile not working

One of our readers “said they are sick to death of listening to Katy Perry while being put on hold for such a long time.”

There doesn’t seem to be any sort of timescale as to when the outage will be fixed, which is a pain, and so customers have already started to ask for some sort of compensation, although we would not hold our breath.

One would think that 3 (Three) would offer customers a goodwill gesture, especially as their service seems to be interrupted a lot more than the other UK networks.

Is 3 (Three) mobile not working for you, if so in what area?



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