NBA 2K15 leaked early, street date broken

NBA 2K15 is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year, but officially it isn’t supposed to launch in the US until October 7. Imagine our surprise when we walked into a store in downtown Hong Kong and saw that the game is already freely available to buy from some local sellers.

Kevin Durant is the main cover star this year of course, with gamers in the US and Europe patiently waiting for the exciting October 7 and October 10 launches respectively.

If you live in Hong Kong however, the wait is seemingly over as we’ve spotted that some naughty sellers are already offering the game early, a few days before the official street date.

We have captured a picture below showing the Xbox 360 version, which we saw on sale for $365 HKD, which converts to around £30 and just under $50 – although bear in mind Hong Kong prices are often cheaper due to no tax on goods.

As a result, 2K may be seeing some interesting activity online when finding out that some players are already playing NBA 2K15 online after picking up early copies.

Then again, it’s no surprise these days to see street dates broken with such a high profile game launch. It remains to be seen if these early buyers will be penalized for playing online early – those smart enough will just avoid online play until Tuesday or Friday next week.

Have you seen any activity in your local stores selling NBA 2K15 early?



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