Minecraft PS4, Xbox One 1.6 update in progress

With Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One Editions now out at last, players are now looking ahead to future updates on both versions, updates which will eventually play catch up to the PC version of the game.

We have some good news to bring you now in this regard, as console developers 4J Studios have revealed that work has now started on bringing the Minecraft PS4 1.6 update and Minecraft Xbox One 1.6 update to gamers at a later date.

Those who have played the PC version should remember that the Minecraft 1.6 update was otherwise known as the Minecraft Horse update, as it added horses into the game, as well as donkeys.

This is significant in the fact that once horses are live on PS4 and Xbox One, you’ll then be able to tame them and ride to get to other areas quicker – not to mention how good it looks riding on a horse in Minecraft!

Before the 1.6 update arrives, 4J Studios will first release a Minecraft bug fix update for PS4 and Xbox One platforms. You’ll be pleased to know that the patch notes for this update are already live early in advance, while they also include one new feature called ‘Copy save’.

Read through the bug fix patch notes here for PS4 and here for Xbox One – then let us know how your Minecraft experience is at the moment on next-gen. Are you looking forward to the Minecraft Horse update on PS4 and Xbox One, or would you prefer to see the bug fix updates keep coming?



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