GTA V Shitzu Hakuchou Vs Bati 801, Dinka Thrust and Carbon RS

Now that the latest GTA V 1.17 update has been live for a few days, you should have been hands-on with the new Shitzu Hakuchou motorcycle DLC by now. If not, take a look at the first video below to see some gameplay featuring the Shitzu Hakuchou and see if it’s worth your effort.

The video runs for just under 4 minutes, but you’ll get to see this new motorcycle’s speed and customizations. The video creator takes a trip to Los Santos Customs where the price and custom items are showcased.

Following a quick trip to the custom shop, you get to see the Shitzu Hakuchou motorcycle racing around the streets in GTA V gameplay that reveals how fast this motorcycle can go, and of course how well it handles.


Some people feel the Shitzu Hakuchou has a faster top speed than the Bati 801, Dinka Thrust, and Carbon RS. The second video below features the Hakuchou Vs Bati 801, so take a look at that gameplay to get more insight into how these GTA V motorcycles compare for speed and handling.

We’ve also included some gameplay with Shitzu Hakuchou vs. Dinka Thrust in the third video and a fourth comparing the Carbon RS and Shitzu Hakuchou. What motorcycle do you prefer between the Shitzu Hakuchou, Bati 801, Dinka Thrust, and Carbon RS?



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