FIFA 15 PS4 Vs Xbox One after sales surprise

How are you getting on with FIFA 15, just days after the massive launch a few days ago? Those who have the game will be getting busy with the excellent live realtime features that FIFA 15 offers, but we wanted to talk about a surprise in recent sales figures that have apparently slipped out.

EA hasn’t revealed sales information yet, but one UK newspaper has revealed that FIFA 15 has actually sold more on PS4 than Xbox One in its opening few days on sale.

This is interesting, considering that Microsoft and EA now have an exclusive partnership for the game and in the UK, FIFA 15 adverts are always highlighting the Xbox One version of the game.

Metro has gone on record to say that the PS4 version of FIFA 15 sold 100,000 more copies than it did on Xbox One. Here is an extract from their recent report:

“Chart-Track doesn’t reveal actual sales figures, since companies have to pay to access that information and aren’t supposed to make it public. But an insider tells us that the PlayStation 4 version was ahead of the Xbox One by 100,000 units.”

The PS4 accounted for 32 percent of FIFA 15 sales, while the Xbox One reportedly was just behind on 30 percent, followed by Xbox 360 and then PS3 sales.

To those that just want to enjoy the new game, this minor difference in sales are likely to be major headlines. Given the fact that the Xbox One version of the game has exclusive content with FIFA 15 Legends, we still think it’s very interesting that gamers are still buying the PS4 version as a preference.

Which version of FIFA 15 did you buy? Are you loving the game so far, compared to FIFA 14? Stay tuned for our impressions of the game soon.



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