iOS 8.0.3 release time urgency for WiFi problems

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2014

Last week we discussed how Apple had already released iOS 8.1 beta to devs, and looking over the release notes we could see a planned return to the Camera Roll, along with several features that were specific to the iPad playing nice with Yosemite. At that time we assumed it could be released in time for the iPad event, which we suspect would be the 21st of this month, but a new rumor suggests the 16th, which doesn’t make sense, as that falls on a Thursday, whereas Apple events are usually on a Tuesday.

Going back to the software; having had more time to think about this, it seems highly unlikely that Apple would push an early release of iOS 8.1, as going on past experience it would take Apple at least until March to have this version ready. However, with rumors of 8.2 and 8.3 versions, all that could be thrown out the window.

iOS 8.0.3 release time urgency for WiFi problems

iOS 8.0.3 release time – There is a real urgency for Apple to fix the many bugs that are still present in iOS 8.02, and for this reason they have no other choice but to release iOS 8.03, and we suspect it will go live during the iPad event, which we still believe to be October 21st.

Apple did the same last year with iOS 7.0.3, as they used the iPad Air event to do the very same thing. However, there seems a real desperation this time because iOS 8 is far worse in terms of bugs than iOS 7 ever was, although we might not have thought that at the time.

iPad and iPhone owners are still complaining of connectivity issues, and for this reason many iOS users have been trying to hold off an update, as iOS 8.0.1 seems to be a bit more stable. So many of our readers still complain about poor WiFi, meaning their Internet is far slower than it should be.

Have you updated to iOS 8.0.2, and if so have you had any issues, or have to refrained from updating due to these persistent WiFi problems?

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  • monkeh88

    my wifi is dropping and the connection test is 1mbit which i have 250 mbit, wifi drops quickly and turns completely off

  • John2706

    I upgraded to 8.0.2 on my iPhone 4s and now it won’t see or connect to either wifi or Bluetooth devices! A real pain & not what I expect from Apple!

  • Eric Berger

    Hi from Belgium
    i have so many issues with this ios 8.02, that i’m thinking to change my iphone for another …
    – no more search in the message wich i use everday
    – battery problem
    – phone is often buging
    – network problem
    – losing of all my passe words and configuration…
    – …

    well if i could go back to the ios 7, it would be the paradise from me ! Why the have change for this ????

  • Sam

    I am using a 4th generation ipad and i had updated my ios to 8.02. I had noticed that the hotspot speed that my ipad is sharing is very slow. The LTE speed is fine when you are using the ipad itself; however when the internet is shared to other devices, the speed from the other devices would only register at 500kbps; a far cry from the 10mbps registered by the ipad itself. I wish Apple would must look into this. It was fine until I updated to ios8.

  • Tina

    My iPad air keeps losing a wifi signal, and Safari doesn’t work properly. When I do a Safari search, I get asked if I want to submit a form again – wtf? And if I click on a search option, nothing happens. I have to pull the screen down to refresh the page and then it will work.
    Come on Apple, sort this out!

  • john paul alvarez

    Same here so mad I spend so much money on an new iPhone 128 gig 4 my wifi to drop as soon as I walk up the stairs!!!

  • mguard1

    The update has killed my wifi on my IPAD which just will not connect.. Apple will lose customer loyalty massively on this one as essentially my IPAD cannot be used… Not good enough really, maybe start looking more closely at the competition… Ironically my new iphone 6 will be delivered next week and i will not be able to use it…. ARRRGGGHHHH

  • Paige H.

    My WifI doesn’t work at all on my iPhone 4S since upgrading to 8.0.2. I effectively can’t use my phone now for fear of eating shared data and causing bill overage charges. They really need to get on this.

  • Scott

    The 8.0.2 update has crippled min Mini Retina was well. WiFi only works occasionally, and not for very long. My first real iOS device (not counting my iPod that I ONLY use for music and never update) and I’m livid that there is no way to roll back the update. ,|,, Apple

  • Chris Gilson

    Yes, unfortunately my confidence in Apple’s software releases was misguided and I “upgraded” to 8.0.2 and this essentially made the wifi range and connectivity on my iPad 2 laughable and useless more than 75% of the time.

  • Pedro Paulo

    Meu iPhone 5 não funciona viva voz tipo a pessoa não esculta oq eu falo e outra eu gravo um vídeo tem vez não sai áudio ou gravo um gravo um vídeo também pela câmera frontal não dai nada me ajudem ‘😐

  • Pedro Paulo

    Uma bosta meu migro fone não pega quando Vo falar algo pelo teclado oq não sai nada pode ser ?

  • We have been loyal Apple customers for over a dozen years, even before iPhone. Once iPhone was introduced we have been onboard. But this latex debacle has us even rethinking that. 8.0.2 update essentially made my wifi range and connectivity laughable and useless more than 50% of the time. IOS 7 worked flawlessley.

    Rebooting will clear the problem for a short time only to reappear. Horrible update. IF 8.0.3 doesn’t fix, we are gone. Sadly. iPhone is a great product and integrates seamlessly with our Apple computers used in business. But the Apple now seems plagued by these sorts of issues often.

  • John

    They expect to sell iPhone 6 with garbage ios8.
    Who wants to buy a hardware and software that causes trouble?

  • Phred

    I loaded up 8.02 on my iPad, and iPhone 5. I want 7.xx back!

    Anyway, I will not buy an iPhone 6 until I see a significant improvement.

  • Smoothy

    I have the IPad3, 8.03 is absolutely shocking. Connectivity is slower than a dial 56k modem, Safari takes an age to access pages and is extremely unresponsive. Apple truly have messed up with this, absolutely no excuse after the problems on IOS 7. I for one have boycotted buying anymore Apple devices, far too expensive for something that does not work properly!

  • Bubbler

    Absolutely shocking! My wife’s iPad2 now runs far slower than when it was on IOS7, It is as if it is moving through (very cold) treacle. While admittedly an iPad2 isn’t the latest kit, if IOS 8.0.2 didn’t work with iPad2 then Apple shouldn’t have included it in the release. If Apple can’t fix this then they must provide a path for users to revert to IOS7. Having said that, on the other hand my iPhone 5s seems OK so far with IOS8.0.2.
    Agree with the earlier comment from iluv2raceit re Apple Quality control. Are they too fixated on a annual cycle of release dates and so are having to cut corners to meet deadlines. This sort of half baked performance strains customer loyalty and, as importantly, their preparedness to pay premium prices for a far less than premium service.

  • spalm84

    I have basically just a very expensive dumb phone. Iphone 6 has not been able to use wifi but intermittently since I bought 2 days after release. Have tried EVERY fix in the book and then some with no success. Even had the phone replaced and have the exact same issues. No other device in my home have any issues.

  • aloysiusmiller

    WiFi is working okay for me but slightly slow perhaps. But try copying and pasting a url from the navigation prompt in Safari. It takes forever to clear the clipboard.

  • iluv2raceit

    My wife’s iPad mini retina WiFi capabilities were essential broken with iOS 8.0.2. Every single Android device I have has never had a problem with WiFi. What the hell has happened to Apple quality control. Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple has begun a downward spiral. Both the quality of their products as well and customer care have gone to crap. No wonder why so many people have switched to alternative solutions for their tech needs.

  • DT

    WI FI, WHAT WI FI? HAS NOT WORKED WORTH A CRAP SINCE I UPGRADED ON MY 5S. P.O.S.!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IOS 7 BACK, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    I am a user for Galaxy note 2014 10.1 and very very happy with it.. But my wife want to use it because she need more on take a note than I do.. And I bought this Ipad air And I really disappointed with this really poor performance especially wifi con.. Better back to my old note..


    When is Apple going to fix this mess the created with iOS 8? Maybe it’s time to switch to the Samsung Galaxy!

  • Down with iproduct

    Seriously maybe it’s a scam for i product users to use LTE rather then wifi….
    At home in my own comfort can’t even use wifi and have to pay for LTE….
    Yea people should lawsuit

  • AppleIsClueless

    It is time for a class action law suit. This is ridiculous! Apple has crippled almost every owner of their products. Now they have blocked all users from downgrading to a stable iOS while they fix all the issues.

  • Martin

    Since 8.0 and now 8.02 wifi at home on my iPad Air & iPhone 5s keeps dropping. My wife is still running 7 on her iPad mini & iPhone 5 and has no problems – This proves undeniably to me that it is the new OS.
    It’s also slow and has crashed more often on both devices, in the last month than over the entire iPhone range (from v1) that I’ve owned.
    Its rubbish.

  • Chelle

    iOS 8.0.2 won’t allow me to even connect to wifi or use the Bluetooth devices. This is terrible. Apple would be wise to release a fix asap or I can see many customers switching to android.

  • Timfrommersea

    My iPad air has dropped off wifi at random every day since iOS 8. 8.0.2 has made no difference. Apple support can’t sort it out. A fix is needed urgently!

  • Becky

    I updated my iPhone 5 to 8.0.2 last night. Now I am unable to send/recieve text messages. A blank screen just stares back at me with no response. Spent most of the day trying to find a fix with no luck. Very sorry I bothered with the update. Lesson learned….

  • Johnny

    Need a quick fix. My Ipad 2 has gone bonkers with ios 8.0.2

  • Shane

    I updated to iOS 8.0.2 thinking it would be for the better, however, I only started receiving issues with my iPhone 6 and iPad Air just after updating to the latest. I wish I’d not bothered! This would have to be the worst software update I’ve experienced in my years’ of IT. IOS 8.0.3 is an urgent required hot fix, should 8.1 not be ready for a while yet.

  • jtflash49

    8.0.3 should be available to us as soon as it’s ready, not waiting for an event! This iOS is crap. Fix it.