Windows 10 with DirectX 12 tempts PC master race

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2014

While the announcement of Windows 10 may have come as a huge surprise to many, we have some more news for gamers specifically. Microsoft has revealed that DirectX 12 is going to be attached to Windows 10 – likely to become a major selling point for the upcoming software.

Windows 10 is on the way for a 2015 release and now the PC contingent have an interesting decision to make on whether the addition of integrated DirectX 12 is worth the upgrade alone.

Some see it as a cheeky way of advertising new Windows upgrades, but at the end of the day Microsoft need a good incentive with each release and now DirectX 12 is the first instance of this.


Combined with the news, there’s no information on whether DirectX 12 will be coming with older versions of Windows, so it could be exclusive – we have a feeling this will be the case, otherwise gamers may not have a good enough reason to upgrade.

Just how important is DirectX 12 to you though in terms of your PC gaming experience. Do you need the best at all times, or are you satisfied with DirectX 11 and will stay on your current version of Windows?

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  • Jon Davis

    No indication as to what new features DX12 brings, at least not in this article. Therefore, there is no point asking such a question.

    • blackdreamhunk

      I have to agree