iPhone 6 Armorbox case by i-Blason

When you think of tough cases for phones your first answer will more than likely be OtterBox, but then you will have to expect to pay more money than some of its rivals. There are still some pretty decent rugged cases out there, and will be more popular now Apple has a new phone. The iPhone 6 Armorbox case by i-blazon is a fine example of this, as it offers a decent amount of protection, while coming in at a lower price than OtterBox.

The Armorbox Dual layer Case has one aim in mind, and that is to keep your iPhone 6 safe from impacts and shocks, and it absorbs this almost as good as a case double its price. This is thanks to a dual-layer design with a tough exterior and a flexible inner core, as this helps to prevent the phone from damage.

iPhone 6 case by i-Blason

That is not the only protection for this case, as there are four bumper points on each corner, which can handle even more stress. More time than not the weakest part of a case is on the corners, and so adding extra protection there is something that we have started to see more case makers do.

What we like about the Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Protective Case for the iPhone 6 is how it is slimmer than you would expect, and the screen protector is the icing on the case, as you don’t lose any of the phones sensitivity.

There are four color options, green, black, blue, white and pink, and the case comes at a price of $24.99, more details of which can be found here.



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