HEDock Apple Watch dock could be certified

The moment Apple revealed to the world its new Watch we knew it would not take long before third-party accessory makers started to show us their intentions. While they will not be able to offer us finalized specs in terms of dimensions, they can still give us a general idea. No doubt there will be some of those companies out that who could get their accessories Certified by Apple, and the HEDock dock could be one of them.

What makes the HEDock Apple Watch dock stand out when compared to the DODOcase charging stand is the fact it’s made from aluminum, which we know Apple has a love affair with. Seeing as though the Apple Watch battery life is said to only last a day, owners would be able to use this stand to charge the device at night while they are asleep.

HEDock Apple Watch dock would be certified

Designed by Howard Electronics Company, the HEDock is to be made from brushed aluminum, and will also get a urethane coating, which is said to prevent scratches. We can see the same cutout as on the wooden dock in order to charge the Watch while on the stand.

The price for the HEDock Apple Watch dock will be $29 if you pre-order your one now, as it is expected to go up in price by as much as 40 percent once Apple finally releases its smartwatch in early 2015.

Key Features and Design – Upright Charging Dock, Minimalist, Industrial Design, Urethane Coating, Brushed Aluminum, Charger Seat and Silver Color.



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