webOS LG smartwatch sparks BlackBerry 10 watch humor

LG may have let slip that it is working on a new smartwatch, and for those of you who wonder what makes this news special, the OS of choice is webOS. This platform is like a Phoenix, as it seems to start a new life after it has died several times.

Before we go deeper into the story, the news suggesting that an LG webOS smartwatch could be released has sparked off some humor, as we can see on The Verge. Looking on the comments section, readers have wondered if this will mean we will see a BlackBerry 10 Watch.

While this might be funny, we can see that some of you might be up for BlackBerry to enter the smartwatch business, who knows, it could be a success.

webOS LG smartwatch

LG has already brought webOS back from obscurity by making it the operating system in their new Smart TVs, and with Samsung pushing Tizen more, it makes sense to see a bigger push with webOS.

Whatever happens, it will be nice to see webOS again because it was considered one of the better mobile operating systems out there, all it needs is the right investment and direction.

Do you think this is a sign that LG will slowly move away from Android Wear in favor of its own platform?



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