PSN down on Oct 2, problems in UK and US

- Oct 2, 2014

It looks like the PlayStation Network has gone down today, October 2, in multiple countries including Australia, UK, and United States. We’ve tried to sign-in to PSN in the UK, but it’s down for us as well. One work related contact confirmed there’s connection problems in the United States and online services are not working in many regions.

One of Product Reviews readers stated, “I am not able to sign in to PSN today, I think it’s down and keep getting connection errors, although codes change when trying to access the PS Store”. Another added, “PSN is down today in Texas and Scotland, UK, as I have seen myself and heard from a friend”.

PSN down on Oct 2

Is the PlayStation Network down for you today? What connection error codes are you seeing and if the service is down for you, what location are you in? We’ve reached out to PlayStation for comment on why the status page still states Online.

Update: It’s worth noting, we have seen problems signing into PSN on both PS4 and PS3. Let us know the platform you are using as well. The Sony Entertainment Network website sign-on isn’t working either.

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  • Mirkhual

    My friend and I have tried GTAO on ps3 and got connection errors we thought it was the system because story mode was not loading either, same connection problem on my ps4 as well, in the US Wv to be exact

  • jem126

    PS3 on Time Warner internet, North Central Ohio USA. Error codes 80710092 & 80028E01. Been down a minimum of 2 hrs, & max of 20 as of 18.00EDT (sleep, then work). Probably irrelevant, but I am a PS Plus member.

  • Daniel Scott

    Working again in Scotland

    • mmcsc67

      Danny I’m in Glasgow mate,if you have bfbc2 check your stats,its reset my full game almost but still showing correct stats on leaderboard but all my weapons and rank are missing lol

      • Daniel Scott

        Don’t Huv bfbc2 sorry Mate

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Back up!

  • gobears


  • murfish


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Down in switzerland too!

    I had an error while updating my licenses and while trying to enter destiny

  • Matthew Cooper

    Its back up

    • mmcsc67

      See below matt

  • mmcsc67

    On BFBC2 its showing I have all my recon weapons and spec act kit but its downgraded me to level 1 even after a full reboot???

    • Tomahawk

      I’ll check bf3 doing a system update now

      • mmcsc67

        Cool mate,showing I have 198 hours play time but no level and now all weapons have vanished!!

        • Tomahawk

          Hummm strange

        • mmcsc67

          All maps have now vanished too except for the standard game maps,my onslaught mode is also missing

        • Tomahawk

          Where abouts are you at

        • mmcsc67

          Scotland…even single player campaign progress has vanished now,its like my whole game has reset but hasn’t??

        • Tomahawk

          Ok im in austalia

        • Tomahawk

          Im fine still the same level sorry tohere about yours

        • mmcsc67

          Very weird if its showing correct info on the leaderboard section lol

  • HanChk258

    My PS4 wont let me get my Destiny addiction fix for th day :(… wont let me sign in to anything!! so its down us Arkansas. (No im not a red neck!) I really hope it comes back on soon!

    • mmcsc67

      Its starting to come back online,I’m in Scotlandthough my battlefield profile has went to level 1 but iI’m rebooting ps3 to see if that shakes it up

    • George

      You fools really need Xbox live. This never happens on Xbox live.

  • Parastou S Tehrani


  • Matthew Cooper

    Its down in Florida too so mad rite now smh come Sony

    • Jordan Berg

      It’s back up for me now (Hillsborough county)

  • mmcsc67

    Guys check your stats on your games,I’ve managed to get onto BFBC2 but my stats say I’m a level 1 and not the 32 I actually am!!!

  • Con

    Hasn’t been working all day and mine has just come back on! London – uk

    • Darren Stephen King

      Thanks for that mate

    • Tomahawk

      Yeh thanks I’ll check bf3

  • Tomahawk

    Haha thanks #RAGE same just came back

  • mmcsc67

    Bfbc2 up and running!!!!!

    • Tomahawk

      Thanks just whent up here to thanks for telling me

  • #RAGE

    its up i just went on the utube app n signed in that way

  • Tomahawk

    Down in melboure,Australia

  • sonyfluff

    arrrrrhhhhhhhh come on ….do microsofts servers go dwn this regular ???
    never thought ad say it but am so close to doing the unimaginable…

  • kytio

    hackers don’t hack for nothing,so their getting paid by someone,who gains from sony being attacked the most,, for real ,, hackers don’t hack the same thing twice, i will never buy xbox the end

  • Jack links

    It’s down in Pennsylvania error code ce-34861-2 when I try and play destiny

  • Riccardo Canu

    down on sardinia (italy)