PS4 2.0 update release date anxiety

By Alan Ng - Oct 2, 2014

Sony has just revealed the PlayStation Plus October update lineup and also just hours ago, a brand new PS Vita software update to 3.30 as well. With that in mind, we have seen an increased amount of questions asked, on when Sony plans to exactly deliver the highly anticipated PS4 2.0 update release date.

This is seen as a ground-breaking update for the console, as it will add some very nice features indeed – the best of which is PS4 Share Play, which will allow users to jump into their Friends games without needing to own a copy of the game in question.

The PS4 2.0 firmware update will also bring YouTube to the PS4 at last. This will include both a dedicated app in the home screen and also the ability to upload gameplay footage directly to YouTube using the PS4 Share button.

Simply put, it’s a massive feature and there has been some anxiety on social media with many users actually expecting Sony to deliver the update in September.

Some have interpreted Sony’s ‘Fall’ timeline as ‘must be released by September’, judging by some of the reaction we’ve seen over on Twitter. However, we have a feeling that by Sony’s book, Fall actually means sometime in November so we wouldn’t get your hopes up on seeing a release date within days.

Having said that, PS Vita 3.30 has just launched with Themes and the obvious assumption is that PS4 Themes could be ready sooner rather than later. Although we also remember there was some confusion with Sony backtracking on saying that Themes would be coming with PS4 2.0.

Are you expecting the PS4 2.0 update to drop at any moment? Let us know if you also agree with us in saying that a November launch is much more likely given Sony’s reputation in the past.

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  • Sol badass

    Oh man please dont be in freakin november. I had hope it’ll drop anytime this month

  • Tim


    • lololol

      Says the guy who is secretly in love with his best friend Chad.

      • The Yesterday Men


  • guest

    Hoping to see it early this month. XB1 is gaining and Xmas presents being bought, so makes sense to release ASAP.

    • The Yesterday Men

      Agreed, with this in mind Sony should release it by end of October or beginning of November.

    • Mike

      I wouldn’t say it’s gaining, it’s not falling as far behind is closer to reality.