Ello app for iPhone and Android

By Alan Ng - Oct 2, 2014

There is yet another new social app on the block, this time with users talking about the Ello app for iPhone and Android, or lack of rather should we say. The Ello app is gaining mass popularity despite the fact that it remains web only with calls for the developers to introduce mobile versions as soon as possible.

Ello is already been touted as an alternative to Facebook. Aside from offering similar ‘Newsfeed’ social functionality, one of the biggest advantages of Ello is that it is currently Ad-free and features a very simple and stripped down user interface that you may have become used to seeing elsewhere.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that users are loving this Ad-free experience and we have a feeling that it could only be a matter of time until Ello Android and iPhone release dates are finalized.

Due to the simplified interface, we’ve also seen Ello likened to a more visual version of Tumblr, which may interest a lot of you instantly. The problem at the moment is that it’s invite only, just like Google+ was when it first launched.

Most of you are probably trying to get your hands on an Ello invite, as early figures indicate that the makers of the app are currently receiving over 50,000 requests per hour to get in.

Just like Snapchat, Tinder and the rest, expect Ello to spread like wildfire in the current weeks to the point where a mobile app is available sooner rather than later.

Some interesting reading can be found over at Forbes in a useful Ello Vs Facebook article that we found, for those that are looking for more information.

Have you managed to get an invite into Ello? If so, what are your thoughts on the service so far – are you desperate to see a mobile app?

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  • The Internet Problem w/ Ello.

    Like really, people are saying “Ello is like the anti-Facebook” or “Ello is trying to shut Facebook down”.

    In the FAQ page, it said its the ‘Anti’ nothing. But people still say its the Anti-Facebook.

  • Ready for an App

    Comments regarding Ello’s interface has been described as simple. If anyone who has seen Ello notices – they’ll see “Beta” on the interface. I don’t like it and I’m on Ello. But I hope “beta” means the UI will be improved, which I further hope would encourage development for an app.

    I’ve been on Ello for a while now, but for me to be able to interact more I need to have Ello as a mobile app. I realize developing an app would require a cost to Ello, which if they did, and the interface was good, I’d be willing to pay for the app. That could be part of where revenue could come from, which has been one of the concerns I continue reading about from reviews and critics.

    So let’s get an app for Ello!

  • Kevin

    1. Need people to be on Ello and 2. need it to have mobile app for Android and IOS. Willing to give it a try, as I’ve got my invite, but see my 2 requirements.

  • David Lee Thompson

    Ello, simply stated, sweet. As the community broadens and tech comes up to speed seems as if this will be the place to interact with a full crew of artistic folks, oh did I mention ad free. Once the mobile app is worked out, smooth sailing. Be well.

  • jeremyjonjovi

    I really like it. Its simple and a break from the constant clutter of Facebook. My only gripe is lack of friends. I have a list of invites to share but a lot of people are too lazy to try it out.

  • Jimbo

    I tried it with a mobile browser. Pretty horrible experience. Unlikely to continue using it.