BT email login problems hit UK accounts

By Alan Ng - Oct 2, 2014

If you are a BT customer in the UK, you are probably aware that the email service was recently upgraded. Unfortunately though, it looks like this has had an adverse effect as we can see that there are major BT email login problems in the UK, with many complaints from users that their BT email is not working today and hasn’t been for hours.

We can tell you that within the last hour, BT has officially acknowledged that there is a BT email problem on Thursday 2 Oct and have already apologized in advance.

According to the company, they have already identified the issue as a ‘technical’ fault and have promised that access will be restored ‘throughout the day’.

At the time of writing though, our BT email is down and we are getting errors such as “The server returned the error: The attempt to send data to the server “(null)” failed.”

We imagine with such a widespread problem appearing to affect all BT customers throughout the UK, we can only presume that BT are hard at work on fixing the problem as we speak.

Hopefully we will be able to give you an update in the next hour to tell you that BT email servers are working again. For now, let us know if you have also been locked out of email today in your area.

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  • PB

    so yesterday/today BT email allows sign-in then spins for minutes and results in “email list unavailable” and won’t refresh inbox without error message (no explanation). This is really bad service – I have tried 20+ times from multiple devices – anyone seen any explanation please before I start the dreaded phone call/support cycle?

  • mags

    Bt emails not working since yesterday but seems a can log onto the same emails through yahoo

  • Jane

    Ps have lost bookings thanks to this too, BT get your act together!

  • Jane

    Well finally git my mails last evening BUT I sent three test ones to myself from a work e mail and they have not come through, so hiw many mails are out there in the ether? Really unhappy with thier service, the upgrades are awful they are useless would change provider but not easy as we live in remote orkney isles grrrrr

  • Shirley.

    It’s now 11.35pm still unable to log in to my account, it’s really not good enough, BT email is rubbish, they should have go their act together before leaving Yahoo.

  • Caroline Greenhalgh

    BT said that we would be back on emails today, but nothing yet. Can we please have an update. Please remember your customers and that we are paying for this service.

  • Dawn

    Yes whats happening with updates ?

  • nicola

    I still can’t use email – is there any update as to when this will be fixed?

  • Dawn

    Very strange that I can use the BT email on our laptop however it will not work on my tablet , tells me my password is incorrect. My husband can get connection on both !!!!!!!!!!!

  • MK_tyke

    My main email came back at 6pm. One of my sub email addresses has just come back after I flushed a test message through.
    Until tomorrow…

    • MK_tyke

      Midnight and main account went off – but sub accounts still working

  • Graham

    I have only recently been migrated from Yahoo mail to BT mail and to be honest IT’S RUBBISH. It’s slow to load mail or change to a folder. It takes ages to delete mail. It is allowing loads of spam mail through which I did not get before. It is a complete BACKWARD step. Come on BT sort this out!

  • Mrs Madder

    Mrs Madder has just received a few emails this second! And…. there will be plenty more where they came from! I now live in hope!

  • Mrs Madder

    Mrs Madder is in Glasgow.

  • Mrs Madder

    No service from 1am in the morning to now.

  • Mr Mad

    The BT Mail system is still not working – all day long this has been down.

  • Dave

    I have had no email service all day and still have not got any. My business has suffered due to this and who knows when it will get fixed.

  • brenda

    Could not gain access to any e mail at all until 30 mins ago, none of todays emails have loaded tho. so still useless, obviously phone refusing to sync either. Since change over none of our ipods or iphones in this house will sync with e mails either.

  • alun

    Well it’s doing everything I want now, emails in and out are fine and fully functional, how about you others out there, any luck?

    • Jan

      Aarrgghh. No, still down, but thanks for caring! I live in hope.

      • alun

        Sorry you still have the problem, I live near Merthyr Tydfil, would it be rude of me to ask what area are you from?

  • alun

    Blimey, what now, I would like to amend my earlier post to…… I can receive BT emails, but I CANNOT send emails. Patience is needed I think? BT must be close to a total fix??????????????

  • Jan

    I’ve had problems for some time, since Yahoo shut down and I was forced to switch to BT Mail. I can’t get my iPhone and iPad to synchronise, and the push option is not supported by BT, which is a MAJOR frustration. Last emails at 6am today. I live in Hertfordshire.

    • alun

      Sorry to hear you still have the problem. I have android devices and all is good. I only live about 3 miles from the BT exchange and about 300 yards from the Sub-box in our village, so for 3 miles I have fibreoptic cable and about 300 yards of copper cable from the sub-box to my property. I am very happy with the BT Infinity 2, it works good for me any way. Best of luck to you, I hope that all will be well soon!

  • a.tanner

    Should leave well alone

  • alun

    Mine is working now!!!
    My BT Exchange is at Ynysowen, near Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

  • AF

    Not happy with the changeover,utter rubbish,.

  • JanM

    I am not at all happy with this changeover. I was changed over some time earlier this week when I woke to find I could not access my mails on phone or ipad and could only verify account on a desktop. since then none of the devices I use sync from the server in anyway. sent items on phone show on no other device, if I delete mails on one device they stay on the other and I have to go through repeating the process of deletion. I phoned BT to be told it will all go back to normal once everyone has migrated to the new system – and at that point only approx half had been apparently. How does this happen if all messages are relevant to one server (and yes I have got sync on) why does it not show all the same messages on all devices for one account??. I was also told the system had been changed for better security of customers accounts now today many of us are without any email service, and have been since the early hours of this morning, which is an apalling service from BT. But they are right security is fantastic NO ONE can access our accounts not even the people they belong to.
    if it ain’t broke why fix it comes to mind, it all worked before the big change.. bring back Yahoo and Yahoo app which never failed!

  • alun

    My Gmail still works thank goodness, but the BT email has been on and off all week and today it’s gone Kaput for good, thought it was something I did wrong, until I viewed various websites.

  • Fed up

    Rubbish since changeover. Can’t access emails today.

  • Shaun

    Lots of things waste time – waiting in for a 6 hour delivery “window” for a 2 second delivery springs to mind, being held to ransom by plumbers (who charge inordinately more than BT do), re-setting your Sky box with “help” on the phone, or relying on a rail service in the south – but come on, this only a drama for people who must be contactable 24/7 – and life shouldn’t be like that. Relax, do something fulfilling like connect with a colleague,read a book or spend time with your kids without having your faces in a smartphone or laptop.

  • Disgruntled

    The service has been dire since the changeover I’ve wasted hours trying to get them to understand the MANY issues it has developed. This latest episode started yesterday, not today, and their info loine doesn’t even register my phone area!

  • MK_tyke

    Nothing in Milton Keynes since my phone/tablet/pc/laptop all started to complain.
    I suspect the engineers are on hold trying to get through to someone in India.
    Won’t know if incoming mail is going down a large plughole until it returns.
    Not sure if my other mail addresses still exist – it says they don’t at the moment.

    • Jan

      I sympathise; apparently my email address no longer exists either. Ain’t technology grand?!

  • TG

    yup, still dead

  • R.H.

    Been terrible since the changeover. The only thing that’s fast is the speed at which they take your money.

  • R.H.

    And in Kent

  • Northumbrian

    Same problems in Northumberland since early hours.

    The new BT Mail system is not fit for purpose. Come on BT we expect better!

  • Raspberryfool

    Was told this morning that all would be fixed by 11am. It’s now 2pm and still no email access. Have had to change my BT password several times recently in order to access mail through Windows Live Mail. Have made umpteen phone calls to BT and am always fobbed off. They take our money, tie us into a contract and then fail to provide a reliable service. The time wasted is not only frustrating, but costs customers money. It’s just not good enough!!

  • DaveP

    No mail this morning here in Surrey, then it came back for a short while, now unavailable again. I’ve just moved over to this shambles of an email service because my previous service was being closed down. What a bad choice I made!This isn’t cutting edge software – the functionality has been around for 20 (?) years. I’m sorry for those of you who rely on this mess for your businesses!

  • Andy Whittle

    It’s not just today!!! Prior to the BT “improvements” I kept being locked out of my account. The new system seems even worse!! Compensation?

  • Shaun

    To be fair, BT have put their hands up. I imagine most of us working are secretly grateful for the pause in email traffic. Maybe it’ll make people appreciate some of the old ways of working! Get us back on BT, these things happen…

  • BT user

    Have BT ever heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
    Maybe I would still have email if they had.

  • Steve

    Still no BT mail in Central London. Could not access the mails through my phone or by PC on the BT website this morning at 6.30am got message “system busy”, “signin failed” and “unable to connect to server”. Phone BT and as usual got through to someone reading from a prompt board in bangladesh or India. She did check though and told me everything was going to be ok by this afternoon. Its now 1.45 and still no mails.

  • fed up

    since changing have had nothing but problems. used to sign in once now twice. what is going on. not at all impressed

  • Very unhappy BT customer.

    Sort it out BT the ‘new’ BT mail is shockingly bad….AND not being able to access emails today is apauling at best. Don’t worry we’ll all just keep trying to log in all day until such time it might be fixed.

  • Nancy Dickibird

    I moved to Outlook a few weeks back the new pages and news is S***te and the programmer aught to be sent to Syria. In my opinion. Bye BT…!!! bye

  • CAT

    No email service since the early hours in South Yorkshire. Service has been very poor since moving from yahoo e-mail a couple of weeks ago. inbox is slow to load – keeps saying it is busy. Not at all impressed.

  • Alan

    Typical BT. They bait the hook and attract new customers, then hike the prices up and expect everyone to accept rubbish service!. No email here in Worcestershire all day. No chance of any compensation either I guess. Internet service has been decidedly dodgy for a couple of weeks.

  • GC

    BT Mail not functioning. ‘Account unavailable’ after log in. Also could not access via Yahoo. Yesterday I felt that my BTmail was very slow and really not working at all well.

  • James

    Just tried to log on to BT Mail, had an on screen message to say “Account unavailable” . As my BT mail account is linked to my Gmail account attempted to access my e-mail via that route, and was unable to access my Google account log on page.

  • Jean

    jean . should have said . NO e.mail!!!

  • Jean

    jean, I have e.mail. I am in wales/ shropshire border country!!! Looking to swap to another provider soon!!!

  • Debb5

    Causing me some major problems with deadlines…..thanks BT……

  • Beverly, London

    I have had nothing but problems since I was migrated from the excellent and reliable BT Yahoo Mail two weeks ago to the unfit for purpose BT Mail.

    • R.H.

      Me too

    • Jan

      And me!

  • Pam

    Emails are being bounced back to senders as undeliverable, so probably will all be lost once service is restored. I use an email alias that forwards to my BT account and so I have been able to forward my emails to my Apple email account and I do not think I have lost many.

  • isherer

    No email north lincs

  • Lynne

    I live in Edinburgh and have been unable to access my emails all day. Getting very frustrated and expecting some form of compensation for this …

  • mike

    It looks as though the new BT email system has not been properly tested.

    What has happened to the linked e mail addresses, I can no longer find mine, in the unlikely event of being able to log in, in the first place