BT email login problems hit UK accounts

If you are a BT customer in the UK, you are probably aware that the email service was recently upgraded. Unfortunately though, it looks like this has had an adverse effect as we can see that there are major BT email login problems in the UK, with many complaints from users that their BT email is not working today and hasn’t been for hours.

We can tell you that within the last hour, BT has officially acknowledged that there is a BT email problem on Thursday 2 Oct and have already apologized in advance.

According to the company, they have already identified the issue as a ‘technical’ fault and have promised that access will be restored ‘throughout the day’.

At the time of writing though, our BT email is down and we are getting errors such as “The server returned the error: The attempt to send data to the server “(null)” failed.”

We imagine with such a widespread problem appearing to affect all BT customers throughout the UK, we can only presume that BT are hard at work on fixing the problem as we speak.

Hopefully we will be able to give you an update in the next hour to tell you that BT email servers are working again. For now, let us know if you have also been locked out of email today in your area.



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